Alexander Younger Biography – Businessperson And Sarah Richardson’s Husband

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Alexander Younger Bio

Alexander Younger is the founder of Design Lab and husband of designer Sarah Richardson. Photo Source: Alexander Younger's Instagram.

Last updated on March 26th, 2022 at 04:29 pm

Anyone interested in home decor might have heard about Sarah Richardson. She has gained massive recognition from her design series, Sarah’s House. In addition, she has over twenty-five years of design experience.

The television star’s private life has also garnered much attention. So, curiosities regarding Sarah Richardson’s husband, Alexander Younger, are nothing new. He is a successful businessperson and founder of Design Lab.

So, let’s learn more about Younger’s salary, career, family, and more in this biography.

Alexander Younger Comes From A Business Household

The businessperson hasn’t revealed much about his birthdate or hometown. Still, several sources state that he was born in 1970 in Toronto.

Alexander Younger’s late father, Robin Younger, was the CEO and executive vice president of Dominion Securities. Unfortunately, he passed away from cancer in 1989. Moreover, Alexander’s mother, Patricia Younger, worked as a volunteer for many causes, including joining efforts to start CanSurmont.

Younger’s late uncle, Michael Wilson, was a former federal finance minister and businessman. He previously served as the Canadian ambassador to the United States. Unfortunately, Alexander’s uncle, Mike, passed away at eighty-one in 2019.

Talking about the businessman’s educational background, he graduated from Upper Canada College in 1989. He also attended the University of King’s College and Harvard University. In addition, Sarah Richardson’s husband earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University.

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Alexander Younger Net Worth And Career

Alexander Younger’s net worth mainly comprises his earnings from his business career. His fortune comes from his firm and other business endeavors.

The entrepreneur launched his firm Design Lab in 1992. It is a digital marketing company that helps its clients grow business through modern technology. In addition, the firm has worked with many great brands like Diamond Aircraft, Torys LLP, Revera Inc, Rich’s, etc.

Younger is also involved in his wife, Sarah’s firm, Sarah Richardson Design. He serves as the director of brand strategy, and partnerships. Furthermore, he has worked behind the scenes of several of his partner’s television series.

The businessman’s other working credits include serving Clearview Aviation Business Park, Dophes Ltd., etc. Sarah Richardson’s husband must have earned a notable salary for his service. Similarly, Alexander’s company generates annual sales of $1.33 million. So, Younger’s income must be a considerable sum, considering his position.

Thus, Alexander Younger’s net worth must be a notable amount from his business career.

Alexander Younger Met His Wife In Childhood

The businessperson and his partner, Sarah’s first interaction dates back to their childhood days. Both attended Whitney Public School. Moreover, Alexander was in his lady love’s elder brother’s class then. So, he had initially seen her as a cute little sister.

The CEO only approached his spouse, Sarah, after the university. He proposed to her around Christmas time at his home. Finally, the couple married 5.5 years after, in 2005.

Alexander Younger’s wife, Sarah, is a household name in the Canadian home decor industry. She has also authored many books and has a YouTube channel.

Going through the pair’s Instagram accounts, they often share pictures of travels, vacations, holiday celebrations, etc. Both are enjoying marital bliss.

Younger Is A Father Of Two

The Design Lab founder has welcomed two adorable children. His eldest daughter, Robin Younger, was born in 2006. In addition, Alexander’s little girl, Robin, is a self-taught artist and often shares her artwork on Instagram.

Alexander Younger’s daughter, Fiona Younger, was born in 2008 and is the youngest in the family. She leads a private life and hasn’t revealed much about her interests.

Alexander Younger Children
Alexander Younger’s daughters. Robin Younger, and Fiona Younger, were born two years apart. Photo Source: Sarah Richardson’s Instagram.

The businessman is proud of his kids and often shares their accomplishments on social media. Let’s hope we get to learn more about the Younger family in the coming days.