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Amber Portwood Bio

Amber Portwood is an American reality television star. Image Source: Amber Portwood's Instagram.

Amber Portwood is an American reality TV show personality. She is famous for her appearances on hit TV shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom OG. However, the teen mom has appeared in other TV shows as well.

The shows documented the media person’s life from her teenage years to her thirties. Her appearances have drawn both negative and positive feedback from the fans and viewers.

The television star has been in the public eye since a young age. Moreover, her fans may like to know about Amber’s net worth, teen mom experience, TV career, partner, and children. So, let’s learn more about them in detail.

Amber Portwood’s Childhood Was Traumatic

On the 14th of May in 1990, the reality show star was born Amber Leann Portwood in Anderson, Indiana, USA. Her parents are Tonya Portwood and Shawn Edwin Portwood Sr. Speaking of, Amber’s brother Shawn Portwood Jr. served in the army. Unfortunately, the former has revealed losing an infant sister, Candace Portwood.

Amber Portwood’s father, Shawn Sr., was a volatile alcoholic who often verbally abused her and her sibling. He turned sober but sadly passed away on December 16, 2014.

Amber Portwood’s mother, Tonya, abandoned her at thirteen due to her romantic affairs. The mom-daughter duo had a strained relationship which was also broadcasted on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition.

The young girl did drugs at nine and even attempted suicide at eleven. She was even involved in gang activities when she was fifteen years old. Afterward, her alcoholic mother kicked her out of the house.

Portwood attended Anderson High School but dropped out following her first pregnancy. Later, she shared her plan of continuing her education through a Facebook post in 2021. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Purdue University.

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Amber Portwood Net Worth And Career

The tv personality’s TV career began with the hit American reality shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom OG. Then, she was eighteen and pregnant with her first child. The show’s episodes focused on her pregnancy, struggles with depression, and anger issues.

Following her successful TV career and fame, Amber Portwood’s net worth must be a noteworthy amount.

The teen mom’s primary source of income is reality TV shows. She has appeared in various shows such as 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom OG, Marriage Boot Camp, Dr. Phil, Daily Pop, etc. She must have earned a good amount from her TV career.

During a court hearing in 2011, the teen mom was forced to reveal her salary. She was reportedly making $280,000 per year for her MTV show back then. Furthermore, as per several sites, Amber Portwood’s salary ranges between $250K to $500K at present.

Aside from that, Portwood has written two books whose prices are as follows:

Books Price
Never Too Late $10.39 (Paperback)
So, You’re Crazy Too? $18.99 (Hardcover)

Table Source: Amazon

According to The Sun, Amber Portwood’s net worth is estimated to be $1.1 million. However, Celebrity Net Worth estimates her fortune to be $10 thousand. Nevertheless, she must have earned a significant amount.

Portwood’s impressive earnings have led her to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. For instance, she purchased a beautiful three-bedroom and two-bathroom home for $301,000 in Indiana in 2022.

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Has Been In Many Relationships

The reality show star’s relationships have been public since her early television days. She has introduced several boyfriends in the MTV reality shows.

Amber’s first serious boyfriend was Gary Shirley, with whom she had been in a relationship since high school. They were engaged but never got married. Moreover, the ex-couple shares a daughter together.

After breaking up with Gary, Amber Portwood’s ex-fiance Matt Baier came into view. The ex-pair met through Twitter and remained in an on-and-off relationship from 2013 to 2016. Furthermore, the teen mom also dated Andrew Glennon. The former lovebirds too have a son together.

However, the beautiful lady’s affairs with Glennon ended on an unpleasant note. She was accused of attacking Glennon with a machete while he was holding their one-year-old child in July 2019. As a result, the TV star broke up with her baby daddy and quit the reality show in the same year.

The infamous celebrity has since moved on with a new beau, Dimitri Garcia. The couple started dating in January 2020, six months after her breakup with Andrew.

Amber Portwood’s boyfriend, Dimitri, prefers to remain silent about their love life.

She Is A Mother Of Two Children

The television personality is a mother of two children. She has a daughter, Leah Leann Shirley, born on the 12th of November in 2008. Moreover, Amber Portwood’s son, James Andrew Glennon, was born on the 8th of May in 2018.

Amber Portwood Children
Amber Portwood is a mother of two children. Image Source: Amber Portwood’s Instagram.

Leah’s father, Gary Shirley, is currently married to Kristina Anderson. Well, Leah lives with her dad and her stepmother.

On the other hand, James’ father is Andrew Glennon. He and Amber met while filming Marriage Boot Camp in 2017. After the ex-couple’s split, Glennon accused his baby mama of drug abuse and demanded their child’s custody. But, the drug tests came negative, and Amber got custody of James.

Due to her drug addiction and mental illnesses, the reality show star had remained distant from her children. Nowadays, she has been healing from her past issues and moving forward. The mother of two has been spending time on her health and her children.

Portwood debuted on American television as a pregnant teenager. She became one of the most popular and controversial celebrities within a short period. Furthermore, the teen mom suffered from trauma and depression at an early age. Her painful experiences resulted in various mental illnesses that affected her life badly.

Now, Amber has matured and has been healing herself. She has also written books about her journey and experiences. Let’s wish her more success and good health in the future.