Dan Engler Biography – RAW Referee

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Dan Engler Bio

Dan Engler has worked as a WWE referee for many years. Image Source: Dan Engler's Instagram.

A referee is a crucial part of the game, even if it’s live sports or the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). In the case of WWE, there are 20+ referees in SmackDown, RAW, NXT NXT UK. One of the most popular referees is Dan Engler, who is known for his performances in the NXT under the stage name Rudy Charles.

Even though Dan has been refereeing for more than two decades, many still don’t know much about him. With the wrestling world still gaining so much recognition and publicity, fans might be curious to know what happens in his day-to-day life. So, let’s discuss more about Dan Engler’s net worth, family, and career in this article.

Has A Military Background

On November 20, 1977, Daniel Engler was born to American parents. He often mentions how he grew up in a great home with a loving mom and dad who always supported him. Moreover, Dan Engler’s father, Charles Engler, is a military veteran. The former has been a part of the US army camps, just like his father and grandfather, Donald Engler.

Similarly, the famous referee is immensely proud to be the third generation of the Engler family to serve the US Army. He was in the Indiana Army National Guard, while his dad served there as well in the Air Force. The grandfather-grandson duo trained at Camp Grayling in Michigan 50 years apart as Donald attended the camp in 1950.

Engler grew up in Evansville, Indiana, alongside his sibling, with whom he is very close. However, there are no specific details about Dan Engler’s brother, but they used to wrestle with their father a lot. The referee was not a big fan of wrestling early on, but that changed after watching the 1992 Royal Rumble.

After graduating from the Francis Joseph Reitz High School in 1996, Daniel enrolled at the University of Evansville. He earned his Bachelor of Education in 1996, followed by finishing a journalism course at the University of South Indiana in 2002. He also has a website about Reitz football.

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Dan Engler Net Worth and Career

Daniel has made quite a name for himself with a career that has stretched over 20 years in professional wrestling. Since joining the TNA in the early ’00s, he has refereed a lot of matches. Having also been enlisted in the national guard and launching his own website, it is plausible to believe Dan Engler’s net worth must be significant.

Likewise, in 2002, Daniel got his first chance to officiate in the TNA shortly after it was established. He was named a senior referee just a month after the brand’s inception. Engler has also run several family-oriented wrestling programs in his hometown and also runs a show called The Rudy Charles Talk Show on his YouTube channel.

Dan got into wrestling after meeting former USWA referee Mark Vance at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Coliseum in Evansville. He officiated his first match on July 6, 1996. He has now refereed in 26 countries, four continents, and 45 states.

With all these jobs and projects, Engler has undoubtedly managed to amass considerable money. With a career that has been quite celebrated, Dan must earn a lot of money each year. He has signed an annual contract of $250,000 with a per main event fee of $6,000 and $3,000 per match. Thus, Dan Engler’s net worth must be adequate.

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Married A Wrestler’s Sister

Dan is happily married to Melissa Engler, the younger sister of wrestler Matt Boyce. According to several sites, the couple began dating in early 2007, but when they married has not been revealed yet. Dan Engler’s wife is quite active on Instagram and frequently shares family pictures.

Likewise, Dan Engler’s spouse has appeared in several house shows and the popular wrestling show iMPACT! throughout the years. She has been featured in a few episodes of the show. In addition, Melissa seems very supportive of her husband’s career.

Proud Father Of Three Kids

Engler is a proud father of three beautiful and adorable children, two sons and a daughter. Dan Engler’s eldest son is named Logan Engler, born in 2013. His second boy, Micah Engler, arrived in 2015. The Engler couple then welcomed their only little girl.

Dan Engler's Children
Dan Engler is a proud father of three children, two sons, and a daughter. Image Source: Melissa Engler’s Instagram.

Also, Dan Engler’s daughter was six months old at the end of June 2021, as per his spouse’s IG post. So, it’s plausible to believe she must have been born in early 2021.

Overall, the referee has been living a happy life with his family and enjoying a prosperous career. So, let’s hope he can keep doing better and make his family prouder.

Trivia And Facts

  • Ed Ferrara gave him last name ‘Charles.’
  • Dan has been a referee for over 200 pro wrestling events.
  • He has 14.9K followers on Twitter and 7.7K on Instagram.