Debbie Meredith Biography – Frank Beard’s Wife

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Debbie Meredith Bio

Debbie Meredith is the wife of Frank Beard. Photo Source: Social Media.

  • Birth Name Debbie Meredith
  • Partner Frank Beard
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Children 3

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Frank Beard is one of the legendary drummers in the music industry. He plays for the iconic rock band ZZ Top. In addition, he had previously played for The Cellar Dwellers, The Hustlers, American Blues, and The Warlocks.

The musician’s incredible drumming skills have indeed won the hearts of many. Like his music career, his personal affairs are also subject of public interest. So, it’s no wonder to see curiosities regarding Frank Beard’s wife, Debbie Meredith. But, she has a low media presence, unlike her spouse.

So, let’s learn more about Meredith’s background, family, siblings, earnings, and children in this biography.

Debbie Meredith Is Frank Beard’s Second Wife

Frank and his wife, Debbie, are a happily married couple. Both might have dated for a while before getting hitched. Furthermore, the couple married on November 11, 1982. They have been enjoying marital bliss for nearly four decades.

However, the ZZ Top drummer was previously married to his long-time girlfriend, Catherine Alexander. Unfortunately, his first marriage couldn’t last long and the ex-pair divorced on July 16, 1981. He might have then found his solace in his current lady love, Debbie.

The musician had drug addiction problems which hampered his first marital life. Frank Beard’s wife, Debbie, might have helped him curb his addiction. In addition, she must support his music career wholeheartedly.

The duo leads a private life away from the media. Nonetheless, their bond is definitely strong, considering their love for each other over the decades.

Meredith Is A Mother Of Three

Meredith is a proud mother of three lovely children. But, you guessed right, she has raised her babies away from the limelight. Furthermore, both Frank and Debbie must have shared a mutual understanding of keeping their kids away from public eyes.

Still, Debbie Meredith’s children must be enjoying a comfortable life. They might have access to anything their heart desires. Who knows, Frank Beard’s kids might follow in his footsteps into the music industry.

Debbie Meredith Net Worth And Career

Talking about Frank Beard’s wife Debbie’s career, she hasn’t precisely revealed what she does. She might be involved in corporate jobs or the entertainment sector like her spouse. Nonetheless, Debbie Meredith’s net worth must be heavily influenced by her career.

The lovely lady must be enjoying a comfortable life, considering her husband’s musical success. Beard had previously toured with many bands before joining The Moving Sidewalks. Afterward, the group changed its name to ZZ Top and began releasing records under it.

The drummer played in the band with Billy Gibbons and late Dusty Hill for more than five decades. The group released fifteen studio albums and sold an estimated fifty million albums. Following the band’s success, Frank Beard’s net worth stands at a whopping $50 million.

Although not that high, Debbie Meredith’s net worth must also certainly be a notable amount.

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Debbie Meredith Has Kept Her Family A Secret

As mentioned earlier, the media personality rarely appears in media. She is a person of secrecy and hasn’t been so forthcoming in sharing any personal details. So, Meredith hasn’t revealed her birthday and birthplace’s information yet.

Likewise, Debbie Meredith’s father and mother have also never made any media appearance. Her siblings, if she has any, also share the same fate. Nonetheless, Debbie’s parents and other family members must be supportive. They might also have a close bond with her husband, Frank.

Debbie Meredith Family
Frank Beard’s wife, Debbie Meredith, hasn’t talked much about her family. Photo Source: Social Media.

The gorgeous woman has also kept her educational background a secret. Still, she could have completed her high school education in her hometown.

Hopefully, we will learn more about them in the upcoming days.