Facundo Pieres Biography – Argentine Polo Player

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Facundo Pieres bio

Facundo Pieres reached world number one in polo in 2013. Image Source: Facundo Pieres' Instagram.

Facundo Pieres is a professional polo player with a 10-goal handicap rating and is currently ranked the number three in the world behind Argentina’s Adolfo Cambiaso and the United States’ Pablo Pieres. Facundo is considered one of the best players in the world, having won numerous titles in his career.

Having been born into a family of polo players, Facundo was able to achieve massive success in the game. With several wins in the World Tour and major opens, Pieres has established himself as one of the finest players with a great appetite for success. So, in this biography, let’s discuss more about how he managed to get into the top three rankings of the world.

Family Filled With Polo Players

Facundo was born on May 19, 1986, to Argentine parents Gonzalo Pieres Sr. and Cecilia Rodriguez Piola Pieres in Buenos Aires. His dad, Gonzalo, was a polo legend and raised him and his siblings surrounded by the influence of the game. Facundo Pieres’ father inspired him to start a sports career at the age of 11. He is also very close with his mom, and she has attended several of his matches too.

Facundo Pieres' Mother
Facundo Piere’s (R) mom often attends his matches. Image Source: Facundo Pieres’ Instagram.

The Argentine polo player started his career in 1997 and won the Copa Potrillos with the Ellerstina’s junior, a daughter team for Ellerstina Club that was co-founded by his dad. He has now gone on to play in multiple countries, including Argentina, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Likewise, Facundo Pieres’ eldest brother Gonzalo Pieres Jr. and his younger sibling Nicolas Pieres are both professional polo players. Gonzalo Jr. was born on December 17, 1982, and officially made his Argentine Open debut when he was 11. He also has two sisters, Tatiana Pieres and Cecilia Pieres. Also, Tatiana is married to nine-goaler polo player Mariano Aguerre.

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Facundo Pieres Net Worth And Career

Having started his career at such a young age, Pieres has managed to play a significant number of games and has won a big number of titles. After winning more than 30 titles in his career, he has managed to make quite a name for himself. With all the wins and achievements in his career, it is plausible to believe Facundo Pieres’ net worth must be immense.

The sportsman had a stellar beginning to his career as he was promoted to handicap 10 at only 18. In 2013, Pieres was the number one player in the world after winning eight titles in a single year. He started by ranking first in the British Open, US Open, and Queens Cup. It was followed by wins in the Hurlingham Open Final, Tortugas Open Final, Sotogrande Gold Cup, Sotogrande Silver Cup, and the USPA Piaget Gold Cup.

Likewise, the athlete has won the most important tournaments of the World Polo Tour, the Spanish Grand Slam, and Sotogrande, among other trophies. He had a great 2018 season as well, winning the Sotogrande again. After making his Argentine Open debut in 2003, Facundo has made it into the finals two times in 2005 and 2007.

With the tournaments Pieres has won in his career, he must have amassed a considerable sum of money. For instance, Facundo’s led horse Pilot won $1 million after winning all sixteen games in the 2019 US Open. He must have also received his fair share from the victory. Likewise, an average salary of a 10-goal polo player is $1.5 million. Hence, Facundo Pieres’ net worth must be huge.

Happily Married; Has Two Kids

Talking about his love life, Facundo is happily married to his beautiful spouse Agustina Wernicke. Not much is known about Agustina, but she seems pretty supportive of her husband’s career. Facundo Pieres’ wife goes to his matches a lot which must motivate him a lot.

Also, the pair married in 2013 at a likely grand event. The information about their dating has not been made public yet. Furthermore, the pair have welcomed two kids together. Facundo Pieres’ children are, Renata Pieres and Felix Pieres. Their birthdates aren’t disclosed yet, but the Pieres couple were expecting their daughter in April 2018.

Facundo Pieres’ spouse seems pretty secretive about her personal life and does not appear much on social media. Whereas, the polo player often shares pictures of his lady and kids on IG.


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Nevertheless, Facundo and his family are living a content and comfortable life. With all the success he has achieved, let’s hope he can keep doing that and make his loved ones proud.

Trivia And Facts

  • Facundo is a big Lionel Messi fan and has met him.
  • He has 64.6K followers on Instagram and 16.3K on Twitter.