Ford Evanson Biography – Educator And Hope Davis’ ex-husband

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Ford Evanson Bio

Ford Evanson is a director and actor who was previously married to Hope Davis. Image Source: Ford Evanson Twitter.

‘Erudite’ is probably the best term to address Ford Evanson with. The former actor and director is currently working as a Cambridge High School English Educator, which is entirely different from the glamor and limelight field. He has provided several students with the proper knowledge and education.

However, did you know Ford was married to celebrated actress Hope Davis? Many might be astonished to hear this, so in today’s article, we’ll learn more about Evanson’s personal and professional life.

Highly Academic Person

Ford Evanson is a highly intellectual person. He first completed his bachelor’s degree from Vassar College in English Language and Literature/Letters in 1986. Later, Evanson joined New York University and earned a master’s degree in performance studies in 1993.

Furthermore, he attended Rhodes University and completed his Master’s diploma in Journalism and Media Studies. Then, as Ford wanted to learn more and experience more, he went to study at the University of Cape Town for Post Graduate Certificate in Education, English language.

Ford Evanson's Education
Ford Evanson has completed his post-graduate certificate from the University of Cape Town. Image Source: Social Media.

Moreover, he was born in Seattle, Washington, United States. However, Ford spent his early adulthood in New York City and his maturing years in South Africa. Besides, he has kept information regarding his parents hidden. However, once in an Instagram post, he mentioned that he was flying to NYC to meet his sister and mom.

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Ford Evanson Net Worth And Career

Ford started his career in theatre and later joined the film. From film, he moved to anthropology, and again he returned to theatre. Currently, Evanson is involved in teaching. Ford has established his own identity, be it as a director or as an educator. He puts in 100% effort in every field he steps in. So, let’s further discover Ford Evanson’s net worth and career.

As a director, the first film that Ford Evanson directed and wrote was The Violent Garden. Likewise, the star cast of the movie is Jamie Harrold and Frank K. Hattula. Furthermore, as an actor, he starred in the 1997 Comedy/Indie film, The Daytrippers. He portrayed the character of Sandy Pierce and gained recognition.

However, Ford currently works as a Cambridge high school English educator. He has taught at Generation schools from January 2019 to March 2020. Similarly, his teaching experiences include High School English teaching at lower secondary, IGCSE, and AS Cambridge levels, as well as the CAPS Matric curriculum. Besides, Evanson was the mentor head of thirty students and directed an intramural unit on Theatre and Expression.

In essence, Ford must have amassed a sizable fortune over the years, given his career as a teacher and director. Also, the movie, The Daytrippers, in which he acted, amassed a total box office collection of $2.1 million. Furthermore, a person working as a high school English educator earns an average salary of $67,340 in America. Therefore, with few of his projects in the entertainment sector and profession as an educator, Ford Evanson’s net worth must be a substantial sum.

Similarly, John Cromwell is another personality with a notable amount.

Has Ford Moved On From His Past?

Well, as mentioned earlier, the educator was previously married to an American actress, Hope Davis. Ford Evanson’s ex-wife is a renowned celebrity who has earned several awards and nominations, such as Tony Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards, and two Golden Globe Award nominations for her incredible performances.

The ex-couple married on August 26, 1987, and dated for a year before deciding to marry. Unfortunately, they decided to end their marriage and parted ways in 1996. Even though the duo is not together anymore, there are no bad vibes between them.

Furthermore, Hope credited her ex-husband Ford Evanson for helping her financially and emotionally. According to Ms. Davis, Mr. Evanson supported her through some very harsh rejections. Currently, she is married to Jon Patrick Walker, and they have even welcomed two daughters together.

However, Hope Davis’ ex-husband has stayed away from the limelight after their divorce. However, there are chances for him to be dating somebody in private. Like her ex-wife, he must have also moved on with his life.

Besides talking about kids, his Linkedin profile suggests that he is a father of three teenage children. Also, in one of his Instagram posts, the educator mentioned that he was going off to NYC to see some schools for his girl. However, details regarding Ford Evanson’s children have not been revealed yet.


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Overall, Hope Davis’ ex-husband seems to be living a healthy and happy lifestyle away from the media. He hasn’t been active in the entertainment sector and is focused on teaching. Hopefully, we will get more about his story in the coming days.

Trivia And Facts

  • Evanson and his ex-wife, Hope, both were in the film The Daytrippers(1996).
  • He usually posts about his career on LinkedIn.