Jocelyn Hefner Biography – Author And Paul Casey’s Ex-Wife

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Jocelyn Hefner Biography

Jocelyn Hefner was a talented horsewoman, but instead chose to support her ex-husband. Image Source: Jocelyn Hefner Facebook.

  • Birth Name Jocelyn Hefner
  • Birth Place U.S.A.
  • Nationality American
  • Profession Author, Speaker
  • Partner Timm Kempe
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Eye Color Grey
  • Hair Color Brown
  • Children Oskar Kempe
  • Facebook

Jocelyn Hefner is an author and former amateur horsewoman who participated in local equestrian tournaments. Hefner came into the spotlight after writing a book about the ins and outs of golf tours and what the golfers’ wives have to endure. Jocelyn, who was a talented horsewoman during that time, mentioned how jarring and lonely it felt during her time at the Ryder Cup.

After a failed marriage with popular English golfer Paul Casey, Hefner went on to write her first book about the painful divorce she went through and the subsequent self-discovery journey the separation propelled. Let’s learn how Paul Casey’s ex-wife started healing and her current day-to-day life affairs in this biography.

Grew Up In An Affluent Family

The author was born to affluent American parents somewhere around the early 1980s. She has not revealed the specific details of her father and mother. Nonetheless, she has a sibling named Jennifer Allem. Moreover, Jocelyn Hefner’s sister was a constant support in her early days as she shared the burden of the family that always emphasized the values and the importance of persistence in life.

Jocelyn Hefner's Family
Jocelyn Hefner comes from an affluent household. Image Source: Jocelyn Hefner’s Facebook.

As she mentions in her 2015 book ‘Lost on the PGA and European Tours,’ Hefner wanted to become an international interior designer. But, that did not happen as she decided to follow her ex-husband’s dream and not her own. Also, the beautiful lady was one of the fifteen people selected to go to the Design School of London and had earned countless blue ribbons in Equestrian races all around the United States and Canada.

Jocelyn Hefner Net Worth And Career

The primary source of Jocelyn’s wealth mainly consists of her income as an author. Despite winning many amateur races, she never managed to make it to the professional scenes. Nevertheless, as an author, she must have sold a lot of copies of her memoir. Hence, Jocelyn Hefner’s net worth must be of a considerable sum.

According to Mczellbookwriting, a self-publishing author can earn 40% to 60% royalties for the selling price of a book. The first-time authors receive a pre-payment of $10,000 on average. So, Hefner’s earnings from her literary work must also be notable.

Here are the prices of Jocelyn Hefner’s book:

Book Format Price (per book)
Lost on the PGA and European Tour Kindle $2.99
Lost on the PGA and European Tour Hardcover $35.95
Lost on the PGA and European Tour Paperback $17.99

Table Source: Amazon

Hence, Paul Casey’s ex-wife must have earned a significant amount of money from her book sales. Also, she has mentioned how lavish the lifestyle of the wives of the golfers were. For instance, Jocelyn once spent $3,690.30 (£3,000) on a single gown.

In addition, Jocelyn’s ex-husband, Paul Casey’s net worth is $21 million. Hence, the former must have received a notable sum from her divorce settlement as well. Overall, Jocelyn Hefner’s net worth must be a significant amount.

Furthermore, the blonde beauty is now a writer, speaker, and mentor who has prioritized following her dream above someone else’s. She must have gotten other speaking projects after releasing her book. She likely earned a lot of money from those works. The author’s job as a therapeutic riding instructor must have also paid her well.

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Devastating Insecurities With First Husband

Hefner first met Casey when she was only 21 at the Heron Bay Hotel in Florida, on March 7, 2001. Soon after, the ex-pair started dating and got married in December 2008. She quickly fell in love with a confident and well-adjusted Paul, but the insecurities she had with her were only starting to blossom.

When the ex-couple started seeing each other on a regular basis, Jocelyn did not even want to attend her interior design college anymore. Suddenly, it became all about living with Paul and supporting his career while traveling the world with him. Hefner later realized how devastating that was, but it was too late.

The ex-duo divorced in 2011, and both were left heartbroken. The marriage did not work as Casey felt his career had cost Hefner her dreams. It was only when the latter published her book that he realized how deeply alone and insecure she felt, which was devastating for the golfer.

Paul has since moved on and married Pollyanna Woodward.

Has A Son With Second Husband

Like her ex-husband, Hefner too married again to Timm Kempe on October 13, 2014. The couple revealed they were dating on November 13, 2012, via a public FB post. Furthermore, Jocelyn Hefner’s husband works at Selbstständig. He previously served as the Vice-President and CTO at B.i.G. Bioengineered in Germany.

Jocelyn Hefner's Husband Timm Kempe
Jocelyn Hefner is married to Timm Kempe. Image Source: Jocelyn Hefner’s Facebook.

The couple has a kid together who they have named Oskar Kempe. Jocelyn Hefner-Kempes son was born in December 2015. The lovebirds seem to prefer to stay away from the media with their child.

Overall, Paul Casey’s ex-wife has moved on from their relationship and started a new journey with her current spouse. Let’s hope she can keep doing better in her life and write more books in the future.

Trivia And Facts

  • Jocelyn is a distant cousin to Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner.
  • Her husband is from Frankfurt, Germany.