Johnny Castellanos Biography – Popular Celebrity Barber

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Johnny Castellanos Bio

Johnny Castellanos has been working as a barber and a hair stylist since he was a teenager. Image Source: Johnny Castellanos Instagram.

  • Birth Name Johnny Castellanos
  • Also Known As Johnny Cake
  • Mother's Name Jeanette Castellanos
  • Birth Place Dominician Republic
  • Nationality Dominic Republican, American
  • Profession Hair Stylist
  • Partner Jes Castellanos
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Eye Color Black
  • Hair Color Black
  • Children Gevin Castellanos, London Arielle Castellanos, Ethan Castellanos
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

Johnny Castellanos is a popular hair stylist and barber who has served many celebrities in the entertainment industry. Known as the ‘Kobe Bryant‘ of barbers, he has been working as the personal barber for famous rapper Jay-Z and giving him various styles for his projects over the years.

Having been totally engraved in the music and sports industry for some decade, Johnny has managed to maintain quite a reputation for himself. Despite having a great career, many fans still don’t know much about how he rose to fame and how he handles the constant attention he gets from the showbiz industry. So, in this biography, let’s talk more about how Castellanos achieved success and how he has been able to sustain it.

His Grandfather Was A Barber

Johnny was born to his parents in the Dominican Republic. The family shifted to New Jersey when the stylist was just five years old. From an early age, Johnny Castellanos’ grandfather, who was a barber, taught him to use clippers, scissors, and blades to cut hair. That proved very beneficial for his career as he used it to his advantage while pursuing a barbering career in New York.

The famous styler started working under his grandpa at Washington Heights at the age of 15. Johnny began with cutting his friends’ hair and then slowly took a step up and did all sorts of hair. He was not doing well in school, so he switched to the hair styling profession just like his grandfather.

The barber also has a sister named Johanya Espejo. He is also very close with his father and mother, Jeanette Castellanos, and often shares their pictures.

Johnny Castellanos' Family
Johnny Castellanos learned barbering from his grandfather and has a good relationship with his dad. Image Source: Johnny Castellanos Instagram.

When he was only 18, record executive and entrepreneur Damon Dash noticed a haircut on his assistant, who was one of Johnny’s friends and clients. After being impressed by the style, Dash sent for the young barber and became his regular client. Later, the executive introduced him to Jay-Z in 1997, and to cut a long story short, he has been doing the rapper’s hair since.

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Johnny Castellanos Net Worth And Career

With a career that has stretched over two decades, Castellanos has been able to work with some of the big names in Hollywood. He has even helped many renowned celebs get ready for prestigious award functions such as the Academy Awards. With such a high-class career, one can assume he must have amassed a significant amount of money. Thus, Johnny Castellanos’ net worth must be a notable figure.

Working with top celebs such as Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, Omari Hardwick, and Michael Rainey Jr., among others, Johnny must have earned a lot. He is also a passionate photographer and has a gallery of his own where he has featured some of the top clients he has styled.

The talented stylist opened his barbershop, The Shop, in 2003. His other renowned clients include Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, and Snoop Dogg. Castellanos must have been paid well for his services.

Likewise, according to ZipRecruiter, an average yearly salary of a celebrity barber is $53,229. Another famous barber, JayR Mallari, charges from $80 to $145 per haircut. So, Johnny Castellanos must also charge a similar amount to his clients.

Since he has worked with so many big artists, he must make a good income. Hence, Johnny Castellanos’ net worth is likely a considerable sum.

Happily Married; Has Three Kids

The celebrity barber is happily married to his beautiful spouse Jes Castellanos. Johnny Castellanos’ wife seems quite supportive of his career and has shared many pictures of them together. However, the details about the pair’s marriage have not been disclosed yet.

The couple seems to share a great bond with each other. They love going on vacations, and most of their photos feature them enjoying on beaches. Likewise, Johnny Castellanos’ partner was born in October 1982 and seems like a very outgoing individual.

The lovebirds are also doting parents of three kids, two sons and a daughter. Johnny Castellanos’ first child, Gevin Castellanos, was born in July 1998. He has followed in his old man’s footsteps and is now a barber.

On the other hand, Johnny Castellanos’ daughter, London Arielle Castellanos, was born in July 2006. Finally, his youngest kid, Ethan Castellanos, came to this world in May 2010.

Overall, Johnny and his family seem to be living a great life. Having been working as a barber for a long time, he has influenced one of his kids to pursue the same path. Let’s hope the father-son duo prospers more in their barbering careers. We also wish to see Johnny continuing to create amazing hairstyles in the days ahead.

Trivia And Facts

  • Chris Rock is one of Johnny’s clients.
  • He has 34.4K followers on Instagram.
  • He goes by Johnny Cake professionally.