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Nathan Truesdell Bio

Nathan Truesdell is a producer and cinematographer who is nominated for the 2022 Oscars. Photo Source: Social Media.

Last updated on March 26th, 2022 at 03:47 pm

Anyone watching the documentary Ascension will be captivated by its fantastic cinematography. The intriguing snapshots of the film sets, characters, and content make it even more enjoyable. The person behind these fantastic shots is Nathan Truesdell.

The cinematographer also worked as a producer and editor in the documentary. However, it isn’t his only renowned movie. Nathan previously made the social media trending short film Balloonfest in 2017. In addition, he was listed in DOC NYC 40 Under 40 list.

So, let’s learn more about this talented filmmaker’s background, career, earnings, spouse, and more in this biography.

Nathan Truesdell Grew Up In Clark

The filmmaker is a man of secrecy and rarely reveals his personal details. As such, he has also kept his birthdate and other details secret. Moreover, many might be curious if Truesdell is from Cleveland following his movie, Balloonfest. Instead, he is from Clark, Missouri, where he spent his childhood.

Nathan Truesdell’s father and mother have never made any media appearance. He hasn’t shared much about his siblings as well. Nevertheless, his parents and family must support his film career.

Nathan Truesdell Family
Nathan Truesdell’s family has never made any public appearance. Photo Source: Social Media.

The cinematographer must have completed his formal education in his hometown. He later attended the University of Missouri to continue his studies. Moreover, he graduated with a degree in computer science and a minor in mathematics.

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Nathan Truesdell Net Worth And Career

Nathan Truesdell’s net worth is heavily influenced by his film career. His income benefits from his works as a cinematographer, director, producer, actor, and editor.

The filmmaker started his career as the production assistant in Song of the Dead in 2005. He initially had minor roles in American Shopper, Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy, Academy of Doom, etc. Later on, he focused more on cinematography and production sectors.

Some of his worked movies and documentaries, including their release dates, are listed below:

Documentaries Release Date
Convention June 17, 2009
Caucus November 8, 2013
Chasing AllieCat November 18, 2017
Landing On Airwaves July 16, 2019
8:08 – How We Respond October 17, 2019

Aside from that, Truesdell served as an art director in Academy of Doom, Last Breath, You’re Next, Voodoo the Right Thing, etc. He is also supported by SFFilm, Chicken & Egg, Sundance, Cinereach, and more.

The cinematographer’s work in Ascension earned him a nomination for Best Documentary Feature in the 2022 Academy Awards. It also collected a box office collection of $17,200 worldwide. So, Nathan’s earnings must have been a considerable amount as a cinematographer and producer of the movie.

Similarly, a documentary filmmaker earns $29 an hour and $59,610 annually. So, Truesdell’s salary might also be around that range. Thus, Nathan Truesdell’s net worth must be a notable figure from his filmmaking profession.

Nathan Truesdell Is Married To Jessica Kingdon

The Ascension producer is happily married to his spouse, Jessica KingdonShe is a Chinese-American filmmaker who has produced many critically acclaimed documentaries.

The pair’s first interaction and their dating history remain a mystery. However, seeing how both have collaborated on many projects, the couple might have met at a film set. Furthermore, the lovebirds haven’t revealed their wedding date or pictures.

Nathan Truesdell’s wife, Jessica, is nominated for the 2022 Oscar with him and Kira Simon-Kennedy. She has also worked as a cinematographer, scriptwriter, and director in many films.

The couple hasn’t shared whether they have any children. Nonetheless, both must be enjoying a comfortable life together. Moreover, the duo often attends public events and gives interviews together. However, they have a low social media presence.

Hopefully, Nathan and his wife, Jessica, will succeed more in the future.