Rodney Mott Biography – Popular National Basketball Association Referee

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Rodney Mott Biography

Rodney Mott is a popular referee in the National Basketball Association. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

  • Birth DateSeptember 3, 1957
  • Birth Name Rodney Mott
  • Age 67
  • Birth Place New Albany, Indiana, USA
  • Birth Sign Virgo
  • Nationality American
  • Profession NBA Referee
  • Partner Deena Mott
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Eye Color Black
  • Hair Color Black
  • Children Jayce Mott
  • Education Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Wikipedia

To run any game smoothly, referees play a vital role. A popular league like NBA certainly has employed many officials to supervise the matches. Rodney Mott is one of the well-known referees in the league who has been serving since 1998.

As little is known about his personal life, many fans are curious about his private affairs. So let’s learn more about Rodney Mott’s net worth, career, wife, and children in this article.

Is An Indiana Native

On September 3, 1957, Mott was born in New Albany, Indiana, USA. Rodney Mott’s father is from West Virginia who used to work two jobs. On the other hand, Mott’s mother is from New Albany and is a stay-at-home mom. Also, it’s not clear whether he has a sibling or is a single child.

The sports personality attended Bishop Turner High School in Buffalo, New York. After completing school, he enrolled at San Diego State University. He graduated with a degree in electrical engineering in 1986.

The well-known referee currently resides in Las Vegas. He moved from California to Las Vegas after buying a house for his parents to be close to them.

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Rodney Mott Net Worth And Career

As mentioned earlier, Rodney has been refereeing since 1998 in the NBA. As a result, he has gained popularity, vast working experience, and has collected a significant sum. Hence Rodney Mott’s net worth is primarily based on his career as a referee.

Mott worked in the CBA for four years before joining the NBA. In addition, he also gathered knowledge by working in the Los Angeles Pro Am League for eight years. Also, he officiated for three years at the junior college level and four years in the high school in San Diego.

The NBA official has refereed 1,255 regular-season games. Similarly, he has taken charge of thirty-five playoff games over twenty-one seasons as an NBA referee. Furthermore, he also served in the 2013 NBA All-Star Game in Houston. Mott is in his 23rd season as of 2022.

Rodney Mott Net Worth
Rodney Mott has been refereeing since 1998 in the NBA. Image Source: NBA Official’s Twitter.

The sports personality likely makes substantial earnings. The average pay of an NBA referee is estimated between $180,000 to $550,000. Also, they are paid based on their level of expertise. According to Sports Brief, Rodney Mott’s salary is estimated to be $550K, and he is considered one of the highest-paid referees in the league.

Hence, Rodney Mott’s net worth must be a notable amount. Thanks to his fortune, he has been able to afford a comfortable lifestyle. For instance, the NBA referee has a 6000 square foot five-bedroom and eight-bathroom house with a fantastic interior. He also owns three Mercedes.

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Is Happily Married With Two Children

The referee is a happily married man. Rodney Mott’s wife’s name is Deena Mott. Other than that, he hasn’t revealed anything about his spouse. Also, it is unknown when the duo tied the knot. As the couple has kept their relationship details so private that not many know about their marriage.

Regardless, the pair must be having a wonderful time together. Also, Mott and his partner are blessed with two children. Rodney Mott’s son, Jayce Mott, is in his teenage years and is homeschooled. The former also has a step-daughter who is thirteen years older than Jayce.

Overall, Rodney seems to be living a comfortable life with his spouse and children. His career is also going smoothly. We hope he continues gaining more success in the coming days.

Trivia And Facts

  • Rodney is vegan and a navy veteran.
  • Mott’s favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption.
  • The referee wants to visit Jerusalem the most.
  • Mott was suspended for three games without pay in 2007.
  • Before joining NBA, Mott spent six years in the Navy.