Ronald Burkle Biography – Multibillionaire And Yucaipa Companies Founder

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Ronald Burkle Bio

Ronald Burkle is the founder of the Yucaipa Companies. Source: Social Media

A renowned American billionaire businessman, Ronald Burkle, is the founder of The Yucaipa Companies, LLC. Burkle didn’t happen to establish himself as a successful billionaire in a day; he worked hard every single day and embraced all the challenges that followed his way.

He initially started his career as a store manager and eventually made a name for himself after founding and becoming the managing partner of The Yucaipa Companies, LLC. Furthermore, Burkle mainly invests in private companies which support the food trade in areas like cold storage, logistics, and food safety. Not to mention, Ronald is actively featured in the list of the world’s wealthiest people.

To learn more about the successful businessman’s journey to success and his personal life, stick with us till the end of this biography.

Dropped Out Of His University

Ronald was welcomed into this world by his dad, Joseph Burkle, and mom, Betty Burkle, on November 12, 1952, in Pomona, California, USA. Ronald Burkle’s father was a grocer, while his mother’s occupation is unknown. Nevertheless, he grew up in a very supportive family, with his parents motivating him to follow his dreams.

Ron Burkle Parents
The multibillionaire Ronald Burkle’s parents must have supported him a lot. Photo Source: Social Media.

Regarding Ronald’s educational background, he joined California State Polytechnic University, where he enrolled in a Dentistry course. However, he dropped out after two years.

Before the investor started his business career, he worked as a store manager at Stater Bros. Later, his journey to fame started after being elected vice president of Petrolane Inc., a parent company of Stater.

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Ronald Burkle Net Worth – $2 Billion

With a remarkable career as a businessman and investor, Ronald has been able to amass a sizable amount of income. Ronald Burkle’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 billion. He has earned his fortune from his company and various investments.

Talking about Ronald’s Career, he began his journey in 1986 after founding the private equity firm Yucaipa Companies, LLC. It is a private equity and venture capital company that invests in manufacturing, distribution, and retail. Later, he started buying and selling supermarket chains, which turned out to be successful for him.

In addition, the investor has also managed to earn notably as the chairman of the board for Ralphs, Dominick’s, Fred Meyer, Alliance Entertainment, and Food4Less. He is also the manager of the Ronald W. Burkle Foundation.

The business tycoon has also made investments in several tech firms such as Uber, Airbnb, and Foursquare. He has also invested in several startup companies and is a shareholder in Three Lions Entertainment, a branded entertainment firm.

Aside from that, Burkle is a co-owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, a professional ice hockey team that competes in the National Hockey League. He also contributed to the funding of Al Gore’s television network, ‘Current TV.’ Years later, it was sold to Al Jazeera, a cable news station located in Qatar.

So, it’s no surprise to see his fortune being worth billions of dollars. In essence, Ronald Burkle’s net worth is expected to increase and grow more in the coming years.

Properties Of Ronald Burkle

Amongst one of Burkle’s most notable properties is Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, which he reportedly brought for $22 million. He captured the property with a massive $78 million discount.


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The billionaire investor also has a hoard of homes, including the volcano-inspired house in Palm Springs (paid $13.9 million) and Greenacres in Beverly Hills. In addition, he also owns a private island on Montana’s Flathead Lake. The business tycoon also owns the Mediterranean-style mansion purchased on February 5, 1999, for $15.3 million.

Similarly, Nigel Sharrocks is another businessman who has invested in several properties.

Why Did Ronald’s Marriage Come To An End?

Speaking of his marital life, the Pomona native married his long-term lover, Janet Duitson, when he was 21. Ronald Burkle’s ex-wife was just 18 when she met him. She is also known as the great-grandniece of the Wright brothers, the successful inventors of the first airplane.

The duo was happily married for decades but decided to end their marital journey in 2006 due to several complications in their relationship. Also, the former couple did get back together multiple times, but in 2002, Janet left her husband. Afterward, the former lovebirds had a lengthy legal battle for a divorce settlement.

The multi-billionaire businessperson paid roughly $40 million to his ex-wife. But, Janet later accused him of cheating her out of a fortune. The matter was solved after the California appellate court ruled out her claims.

Currently, Burkle is unmarried and isn’t rumored to be dating any woman. On the other hand, his ex-wife has happily moved on and is married to Larry Duitson.

Father Of Three

Furthermore, Ronald and Janet have three kids together. Ronald Burkle’s children are Carrie Anne Burkle, John Joseph Burkle, and Andrew Burkle. Sadly, Andrew(26) was found dead at his home in January 2020. The reason behind Burkle’s son’s death has not been disclosed yet; however, his untimely demise definitely shocked his family.

On the other hand, Ronald Burkle’s daughter, Carrie Anne, is actively involved in the business sector, just like him. Also his son, John Joseph, is said to be working in the same field.

Nevertheless, the business mogul and his family must be living a gratified life with each other. Despite being active in the business world for many decades, Burkle has no plans of slowing down. Let’s hope he keeps on earning more and living contently.

Trivia and Facts

  • Ronald is a notable supporter of the democratic party and has been involved in politics for many years.
  • He has donated millions of dollars showing his support to the party and has successfully raised around $100 million at a fundraising event surrounded by celebrities.
  • He was also included in Jeffrey Epstein‘s little black book.