Stephanie Opal Weinstein Biography – Singer And Phil Anselmo’s Ex-Wife

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Stephanie Opal Weinstein is a musician who was married to Phil Anselmo from 2001 to 2004. Image Source: Social Media.

Stephanie Opal Weinstein, aka Opal Enthroned, is a renowned musician of American nationality. She is also known for writing/co-writing many songs, including Southern Man I Am, I Got Lost In Myself Again, The Wall of You, etc.

The singer is also the ex-spouse of prominent musician Phil Anselmo who is the lead vocalist of the American heavy metal band Pantera and supergroup Down. With Weinstein’s glorious professional career, she has gained immense fame and fortune in her life. Thus, let’s take a look at Stephanie Opal Weinstein’s biography, including details about her marriage, career, net worth, and many more.

Was Married To A Famous Vocalist

As already mentioned, Stephanie is a former partner of the famous vocalist, Phil. As per several sources, the ex-pair met back in early 1995. Initially, their bond was limited to friendship. After years of being best friends, the former couple started dating. Eventually, the ex-duo got engaged in 1998.

Stephanie Opal Weinstein's Ex-Husband Phil Anselmo
Stephanie Opal Weinstein and Phil Anselmo were best friends for several years. Image Source: Social Media.

Afterward, the former lovebirds walked down the aisle in October 2001. At first, everything was good, the then-couple started Southern Isolation and released a number of songs. However, just after three years, they decided to end their marriage. Moreover, the ex-pair didn’t welcome any kids together.

As per Pantera Fandom, Phil Anselmo’s ex-wife auctioned some items she received from him. A lot of people questioned her motives for putting items on eBay. The singer also responded by stating how those things were more valuable to his fans than her.

Another person who is the ex-wife of a prominent celebrity is Natalie Wihongi.

Both Of Them Have Moved On

It has been nearly two decades since the singer and her partner parted their ways. Both of them have already moved on from the divorce and started a new chapter in their lives.

Furthermore, according to LOUDWIRE, Stephanie Opal Winstein’s ex-husband is in a relationship with Kate Richardson. On the other hand, it hasn’t been disclosed whether the songstress remarried or not. Regardless, she must be doing well. Let’s, hope she comes at ease and opens up about her love life.

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Stephanie Opal Weinstein Net Worth And Career

Opal has been involved in the music industry for over three decades now. During those time, she released numerous popular songs. Thus, it is safe for us to assume that Stephanie Opal Weinstein’s net worth is a significant sum.

As mentioned above, when Phil and Stephanie were married, they created an acoustic band called Southern Isolation. They released a self-titled EP that contained four songs. But, the re-release of the EP contained five songs, including a new single, Southern Man I Am.

Phil Anselmo’s ex-wife joined several side projects of him, including Viking Crown and the death metal band Necrophagia. In addition, she also has a YouTube channel with a considerable fan following. Stephanie Opal Weinstein’s net worth must benefit significantly from it too.

As ZipRecruiter estimates, a singer’s average salary in the USA is $141,221 per year. So, the talented musician must have earned around that range. On the other hand, her ex-husband, Phil Anselmo’s net worth is $4 million.

Has Kept Her Family Background A Secret

As per several sources, Phil Anselmo’s ex-partner was born in October 1973. However, she is yet to disclose details about her childhood. Hopefully, Stephanie grew up in a loving household with supportive parents. Despite all the attention from the public, the songstress is a woman of secrecy and hasn’t revealed about her family and siblings.

Nonetheless, Opal Enthroned must be doing well in her professional life. In addition, she might also be enjoying a comfortable life with her loved ones. We wish her good health and prosperous life ahead.

Trivia And Facts

  • Stephanie Opal Weinstein appeared in Through Eyes of the Dead.
  • She is rarely present on social media.