Tom Washington Biography – Veteran NBA Referee

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Tom Washington's Bio

Tom Washington is an NBA referee who has been serving in the league for over twenty seasons. Image Source: Social Media.

  • Birth DateDecember 25, 1957
  • Birth Name Tom Washington
  • Age 67
  • Mother's Name Mildred Washington
  • Birth Place Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA
  • Birth Sign Capricorn
  • Nationality American
  • Profession NBA Referee
  • Relationship Status Not Confirmed
  • Eye Color Black
  • Education Bachelor of Arts

Referees are one of the significant members of any game as they are responsible for enforcing rules and regulations in the matches. Do you know there are only 75 full-time NBA referees for the 2021-22 season? Tom Washington is one of them.

As the successful referee has been an NBA official for a long time, he has gained significant fame in the league. Even so, not much has been explored about his personal and professional life. Hence, we present a short biography of Tom Washington, including his career, net worth, salary, wife, and children. Keep Reading!

A Graduate Of Norfolk State University

Washington was born on 25 December 1957 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA. He was born to his mother Mildred Washington. However, he has also not revealed whether he has any siblings.

Tom Washington's Parents
Mildred Washington is the mother of Tom Washington. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Futhermore, the NBA official earned his high school diploma from the Central High School of Philadelphia. After completing his formal education, Tom attended Norfolk State University and graduated in 1978. Moreover, he received his bachelor’s degree in sociology.

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Tom Washington Net Worth And Career

Being an NBA employee is the dream of many people, as the league is also famous for paying its employees well. Considering the referee’s significance in the matches, they might also receive a fat paycheck. Furthermore, Tom Washington’s net worth primarily benefits from his earnings in the NBA. Thus, he must also be earning a hefty sum from his job.

In one of his interviews, the Arkansas native revealed he always loved the games, especially basketball but never thought about officiating. Once, he volunteered for a church group where he read the rulebook, intending to teach kids the right way to play. That was when the referee realized he didn’t know all the game rules but knew how to play. Thus, while trying to teach the children, the NBA official taught himself.

And now, Washington has officiated a total of 1,629 regular-season games over twenty-eight seasons. He has also worked as a referee in 172 playoff games, including four finals games. Moreover, the NBA referee’s notable matches include the 1996 Japan Games in Tokyo, the 2004 NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles, and the 2017 NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans. Additionally, he also officiated the 2021 NBA All-Star game along with Courtney Kirkland and Tony Brown. 

Aside from that, Tom officiated in CBA for two years. He also has five years of high school refereeing experience and a year at the collegiate level.

Talking about Tom Washington’s salary, he has not revealed the exact amount. But, as reported by various sites, an NBA referee is paid in between the range of $180,000 to $550,000 per year. However, their paychecks highly differ based on their experience.

As Tom is in his 30th season as of 2021-22, his earnings must fall under the range of $550K. Hence, Tom Washington’s net worth must be a significant amount. Furthermore, there is no doubt that the referee’s fortune will continue to grow in the coming days.

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Who Is Tom Washington’s Wife?

Although Tom has been in the spotlight, he has successfully kept his personal life away from the public eye. The referee is at the age where he might be married and has welcomed a few kids. But, Tom Washington’s wife has never appeared in the media.

In addition, the NBA referee is barely active on any kind of social media platform. Could it be he is protecting the privacy of his family members?

Let’s hope the referee comes at ease and reveals more about his family and personal life. He has accumulated over twenty years of experience in the league and is an inspiration to many. Hopefully, we will keep seeing him refereeing in the future.

Trivia And Facts

  • Tom Washington’s favorite movie is Boomerang. 
  • He loves to read the Bible.
  • Brian Culbertson and Stevie Wonder are the NBA official’s most-loved musicians.
  • Washington has volunteered with many programs and organizations, including Children’s Choice, the Big Brothers Amachi program, the Mt. Zion Baptist Youth Organization, and the PGA Juniors program.