Andy Wickett Biography – Singer And Ex Duran Duran Member

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Bio of Andy Wickett

Andy Wickett is a British musician, singer, and songwriter. Image Source: Social Media.

Andy Wickett is a former member of the famous English band Duran Duran. He is a talented vocalist who also sang for TV Eye, World Service, Mau61, and Xpertz. In addition, the singer is a skilled songwriter as well.

Andy is a legendary musician whose career and professional life are well-known. However, he rarely speaks about his personal life. So, let’s learn about his net worth, career, family, wife, children, and more in this biography.

Andy Wickett Is A High School Dropout

On the 16th of March, 1961, Andy was born in Birmingham, England, UK. He was enrolled at Moseley Art School in Birmingham. However, he dropped out of school with his friends Eamon Duffy and Dave Kusworth and formed a band, TV Eye.

Andy Wickett Childhood
Andy Wickett dropped out of school to pursue a musical career. Image Source: Social Media.

Andy Wickett’s father and mother’s information has not been disclosed. He also has not shared anything about his childhood, parents, and siblings. He seems like a private person. Also, the vocalist might be concealing his personal life and details for his family’s safety.

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Andy Wickett Net Worth And Career

Andy is one of the finest performers and songwriters in the Midlands. He began his musical career with TV Eye. In the late 70s, his band ruled the local music scene in Birmingham. Moreover, the talented musician still contributes to the music industry with his fantastic songs and performances. Hence, Andy Wickett’s net worth must be affluent, considering his successful career.

After singing and playing on the TV Eye, the singer moved to join Duran Duran. The original members of the crew were big fans of TV Eye. Nick Rhodes, the founder of the band, became friends with Andy. The latter also worked with other band members, Stephen Duffy and Simon Colley.

As the band’s temporary vocalist, Andy played a significant part in many successful songs. He left Duran Duran to join the local reggae band, Xpertz. For the payment settlement of his songs, he was offered $735.9 (£600) after signing a waiver.

The Xpertz was among the first bands to merge electronica and dub genres and built a large following in the early 80s. On its British tour, it played many high-profile gigs supporting The Clash, U2, Burning Spear, Culture Club, Orange Juice, and Gregory Isaacs. So, Andy must have earned a considerable amount for his part.

Some of Wickett’s notable songs are Hurt Me More, Lost In A Sea Of Scarves, Fortune of Fame, Jacobites, The Ragged School, Dreaming Of Your Cars, Creatures of Love, etc. Also, let’s look at some of his albums and their prices.

Album Name Price
Creatures of Love $14.72 (£12) (inc. packaging and postage from PayPal)
Portfolio $14.72 (£12)
Skala $14.72 (£12)

Table Source: Andy Wickett’s Website

In 1988, Andy was approached by the local session musicians to record at the BBC, and they ended up forming a band, World Service. He played guitar and harmonica alongside bandmates Roger Cornforth, Nils Hagstrom, Clive Parry, and more. Moreover, they were the first British band to tour North Africa and the Sahara region.

An English singer earns $35,959.72 (£29,319) on average a year. So, Andy’s salary must also be a significant amount. Also, he has written many songs and must receive a considerable royalty fee. Thus, all such ventures must have increased Andy Wickett’s net worth.

Is Andy Wickett Married?

The Birmingham native is a private person. He has not disclosed anything about his spouse or married life publicly. So, it is hard to determine his relationship status. Hence, Andy Wickett’s wife is unknown to the media.

Likewise, the vocalist’s children have also remained a secret. However, he once posted a picture of a boy named Oliver enjoying computer games on his Instagram. Could he be Andy Wickett’s son?


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The former Duran Duran member wrote most of Girls on Film and Rio lyrics before leaving the band. But, he lost the copyrights of those songs. That incident affected his relationship with the band, and he still regrets his decision to this day.

Presently, Andy is working hard and passionately to rebuild his musical career. So, let’s wish him more success and popularity in the upcoming days.

Facts And Trivia

  • He prefers writing songs rather than singing.
  • He considers Iggy Pop the most significant musical influence in his life.
  • Andy can play keyboard, harmonica, and percussion.