Ayla Ågren Biography – Renowned W Series Racer

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Ayla Agren Bio

Ayla Agren has been racing since 2001 as she started with go-kart. Image Source: Ayla Agren Instagram.

Ayla Agren is an up-and-coming female racing driver famous for her performances in the W Series. Having competed in more than 90 races in her career, Ayla is a promising female driver. After getting snubbed from the racing in 2018 due to lack of funding, she bounced back a year later and has been racing consistently in the big tournaments.

With the ever-growing popularity of the racing world, fans are eager to learn more about how Agren manages to stay at the top of her game. Ayla has been able to win a championship as well, which has furthered her reputation in female racing. So, let’s discuss more about how Ayla Agren made a name for herself after transitioning to live in a different country in this biography.

Failed Sailing Trip Led To Racing

Ayla was born on July 23, 1993, to a Swedish father Glenn Agren, and Norwegian mother Beate Agren. She was raised in a loving and supportive home in Bærum, Viken, Norway. Ayla Agren’s parents are both sports enthusiasts and run a kart track in Norway.

Ayla Agren’s father is an engineer and her mother is an accountant. In fact, they met each other when they were windsurfing. However, the pair had a sailing dream, but a health issue with Ayla’s brother Sebastian Agren halted the plan.

Ayla Agren's parents
Ayla Agren’s parents were both sports enthusiasts and met while windsurfing. Image Source: Ayla Agren’s Instagram.

When the racer was six years old and Sebastian two, her parents were going on a round-the-world sailing trip. As he got sick in the middle of the journey, her mom and dad returned back from Spain to their home in Norway. The family stopped at her grandparents’ house in Sweden.

There, Ayla’s uncle and cousin were competing in the Nordic Karting Championship. When watching the tournament, the driver was totally into the game and thought of pursuing a career in racing. She recalls the unfortunate event as a blessing in disguise as that helped her get into racing.

Agren was offered a sponsorship, so she moved to the USA in 2012. There she got admitted to Skip Barber Racing School. Moreover, she also attended the BI Norwegian Business School and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She started racing when she was 7 and spent a total of 11 years as a go-kart racer.

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Ayla Agren Net Worth And Career

With a career that started with kart racing and switched to formula racing, Ayla has spent over 20 years in the racing business. Having played for such a long time, she must have amassed a considerable amount of wealth over the years. Thus, Ayla Agren’s net worth must have been massive with all the participation and wins in different racing events.

The racer has won many kart championships during her time in Norway. But, as she grew older, Ayla took part in major tournaments such as the F1600 Championship Series, followed by the F2000 National Championship and W Series. The athlete, coached by Anders Krohn, went to take part in the 2012 Ski Barber F2000 Summer Series where she scored four podiums finishing eighth.

Let’s take a look at some of Ayla Agren’s finishes:

Year Races Wins Podiums
2012 21 0 4
2013 12 0 2
2014 14 3 8
2015 21 0 0
2020 27 0 1

Table Source: Driverdb

Likewise, Ayla finally won her first major tournament title as she bagged the F1600 Championship Series in 2014 with Team Pelfrey. She drove Mygale Honda and scored thirteen points over teammate Garth Rickards with three wins and eight podium finishes.
However, Agren was ranked ninth in the overall standings. Moreover, she was selected as part of the 2022 W Series lineup along with Bianca Bustamante, Jamie Chadwick, and Tereza Babickova, among others.

Moreover, Agren has been sponsored by major brands in her career as well. She signed a deal with the racing apparel brand, HRX USA, which customizes her racing suit. She has also partnered with the Norwegian brand Energima, and the Hoosier Racing Tire. Ayla has also worked as a race spotter for the DragonSpeed racing team along with Indy500.

With all these wins and sponsorship deals, Ayla must have earned quite a lot of money. Likewise, from the $1.5 million prize money distributed among the contestants, any racers coming in the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th places receive $7,500. In 2021, she finished the W-Series in the 17th position, so she must have received the same amount. Hence, Ayla Agren’s net worth must be huge.

In A Relationship With A Racer

Ayla seems to be leading a happy romantic life as well. She is currently in a loving relationship with fellow racer Charles Crews. Ayla Agren’s boyfriend hails from Dallas, Texas, and is a team manager of Saber Sports Management.

Ayla Agren's Boyfriend
Ayla Agren’s boyfriend Charles is also a racer and works as a team manager for Saber Sports Management. Image Source: Charles Crews’ Instagram.

Charles seems like a very supportive partner and often compliments Ayla for her good performances. Ayla Agren’s partner is very active on social media and keeps uploading pictures of her and their dog. They have also been pictured on racing tracks and often cheer for each other. The pair has not yet revealed any plans for their marriage.

Nevertheless, Ayla must be living a comfortable and content life with her family. Let’s hope she can keep winning titles and make her family proud.

Trivia And Facts

  • Ayla owns a labrador dog, Ella.
  • She has 6.3K followers on Instagram, and 2.8K on Twitter.