Tereza Bábíčková Biography – 2022 W Series Racer

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Tereza Bábíčková's bio

Tereza Bábíčková is the Czech-born race car driver. Image Source: Tereza Bábíčková's Instagram.

Whether it is a car race or marathon, people love the game’s intensity. In today’s world, racing competitions have gained many views with millions of fans globally. Among different racing series, W Series is also one of the most popular races. It has also seen many new contestants’ arrival every season, and the 2022 W Series is joined by a rising racing star Tereza Bábíčková.

The driver gained much fame after being selected for the W Series. However, due to her secretive nature, very little is known about her. So, let’s discover some interesting facts about her.

Czech Republic Native

Tereza was born on March 26, 2003, in Vracov, Czech Republic. She grew up with her siblings, Eliska Bábíčková, Petra Bábíčková, and Zdenek Bábíček. In addition, all four of them are involved in racing. As per one article, they all have formed the family team TEPZ Racing Team.

Tereza Bábíčková's Siblings
Tereza and her three siblings, who are involved in racing, have formed a family team TEPZ Racing team. Image Source: B/V Winery’s Instagram.

Tereza Bábíčková’s parents own wineries and forestry companies in Ratíškovice. Moreover, her father and mother used to spend their weekends at karting tracks. It was the racer’s dad and mom who encouraged her to karting at the age of 6. She used to initially kart on weekends and eventually took up karting full time instead of gymnastics. Moreover, she was only 3 when she competed in gymnastics.

Talking about her education, Bábíčková went to school at the prestigious Open Gate School in Prague. However, she did not complete her education in order to focus on her developing karting career. As of 2022, she had plans to start again at the end of April at all online school to complete her studies.

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Tereza Bábíčková Net Worth And Career

Tereza has been karting from a very young age. In all these years of her racing experience, she has honed her skills and become one of the best race car drivers. Given her years of experience, it can be assumed that Tereza Bábíčková’s net worth must be a considerable sum.

One year after she started karting full-time, Tereza broke her femur in a bad go-kart accident. That didn’t demotivate her from continuing to race. Instead, the driver did better each time and became one of the best. She took a sabbatical from racing in 2017, citing personal reasons. She later started racing again and has improved drastically since.

In 2022, the Czech Republic native advanced to open-wheel racing. Then, from January 31, 2022, to February 4, 2022, she was one of the competitors in a W Series test in Arizona, United States. The racer was also one of the participants in a second pre-season test that took place in Barcelona. Finally, in March 2022, Tereza was confirmed to compete in the 2022 W Series season.


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Jamie Chadwick, the two-time winner of the W Series, earned $500K in 2019 and 2021. As such, this year’s prize money must also be a notable amount. Hence, if the young race car driver clinches the title, she might earn significantly. Aside from that, she has signed endorsement deals with PUMA Motorsport, which must be paying her considerably. Thus, Tereza Bábíčková’s net worth must be of commendable sum.

Is Tereza Dating Anyone?

Despite being in the limelight, the blonde beauty seems to be a private person. Her social media accounts also do not hint about her love life. So, Tereza Bábíčková’s boyfriend remains a mystery as of now. Is it possible that the race car driver is currently focusing on her career?

Nonetheless, let’s hope Bábíčková opens up about her personal life in the coming days. We also hope that the 2022 W Series season will be pretty fruitful for a talented and beautiful racer like her. We wish her a life full of success and blissfulness.

Trivia And Facts

  • Tereza has 8.8K followers on her Instagram.
  • She currently races with Puma W Series Team.