Bobby Witt Jr. Biography – Kansas City Royals Shortstop

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Bobby Witt Jr. Bio

Bobby Witt Jr. is an American professional shortstop and third baseman of Kansas City Royals. Image Source: Bobby Witt Jr.'s Twitter.

Among numerous sports played around the world, baseball is one of the most loved outdoor sports. Many players, coaches, and managers associated with the game have garnered both fame and fortune in their careers. One such individual who came into prominence is Robert Andrew Witt Jr., aka Bobby Witt Jr.

Andrew is a professional baseball shortstop and third baseman of the famous MLB team, the Kansas City Royals. As the player recently started his professional career, there have been many questions surrounding him.

Thus, today’s biography is about Bobby Witt Jr., including his net worth, salary, family background, and many more.

Is The Son Of A Former Pitcher

The baseballer was born on 14 June 2000 in Colleyville, Texas, USA. Bobby Witt’s father, Bobby Witt Sr., is a former professional pitcher who competed for eight MLB teams for over a decade. In addition, he is now a player agent at Octagon Baseball.

Bobby Witt Jr.’s mother, Laurie Witt, is also very supportive of his baseball passion. Likewise, his three siblings must also be proud of his achievements.

Furthermore, the young athlete completed his school-level education at Colleyville Heritage High School in Colleyville, Texas. Afterward, he enrolled at the University of Oklahoma in the late 2010s. Besides, he played baseball at the university and was one of the best players.

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Bobby Witt Jr. Net Worth And Career

As mentioned above, the Texas native went to the University of Oklahoma. He committed to playing baseball for the college’s baseball team. He demonstrated his skills and proved himself as one of the rising baseball players.

Furthermore, the Oklahoma graduate was drafted with the second pick (1st round) in the 2019 MLB Draft. Shortly after, he signed with the Kansas City Royals, a professional baseball team based in Kansas City, Missouri. He signed a one-year contract worth $7.79 million. Therefore, there is no doubt that Bobby Witt Jr.’s net worth will continue to increase in the coming days.

The young athlete began practicing at third base during 2022 spring training. Furthermore, in April 2022, he made his MLB debut on the opening day roster as the team’s starting third baseman.

Moreover, the following table shows the athlete’s games played, home runs, walk percentage, and a batting average for the last few years as per FanGraphs.

Season Games Played Home Runs Runs BB% Batting Average
2019 37 1 30 7.2% .262
2021 61 16 44 9.0% .295
2021 62 17 55 9.1% .285
2022 42 6 22 4.1% .235

Table Source: FanGraphs

Although it hasn’t been long since the baseball player began his career, he already has a huge fan following. He wears a jersey no. 7 and is already popular among his fans. His jerseys and Merchandise can be found on various sites, including Fanatics.

The sportsman must earn a significant amount from brand endorsements and merchandise sales. Hopefully, Bobby Witt Jr.’s net worth will continue to grow more in the coming days. On the other hand, Witt Jr.’s father also has a huge net worth to his name. Thanks to his dad’s riches, the 6′ 1″ tall athlete must have grown up having a comfortable childhood.

Bobby Witt Is In A Relationship

The Kansas City Royal third baseman is dating a gorgeous lady named Maggie Black. She is an alum of Northwestern State University. She graduated with a B.S. in health and exercise science in May 2022.

Moreover, Bobby Witt Jr.’s girlfriend is also an athlete. She played softball during her college days. The adorable couple doesn’t hesitate to show their love through their social media platforms. Both of them share many pictures together on their respective Instagram accounts.

Also, Bobby Witt Jr.’s partner is beautiful. In addition, the duo seems to be madly in love with each other. Not only that, but the lovely pair seem to have been dating for a few years.


Bobby Witt Jr.'s Girlfriend Maggie Black
Bobby Witt Jr. is dating an athlete and Northern University alum, Maggie Black. Image Source: Bobby Witt Jr.’s Instagram.

Above all, the Witt-Black couple often shares pictures of them traveling to different places. They must be enjoying their life to the fullest. Could the duo be planning for marriage?

Overall, the baseballer seems successful in both professional and personal lives. He is excelling as a professional player and has a bright future ahead. Let’s hope we will see him succeeding more in the upcoming days.

Trivia And Facts

  • Bobby Witt Jr.’s father is his advisor.
  • In 2019, during his senior year, Bobby was named the Gatorade National Baseball Player of the Year.