Bruno Delbonnel Biography – French Cinematographer

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Bruno Delbonnel Bio

Bruno Delbonnel is a veteran cinematographer who has earned six Oscar nominations. Photo Source: Social Media.

Last updated on March 26th, 2022 at 04:16 pm

Bruno Delbonnel is a well-renowned cinematographer in the film industry. He has contributed significantly to French and American movies. In addition, he is known for his dark and moody camera works.

The cameraman has collaborated with renowned directors like Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Tim Burton, the Coen Brothers, Joe Wright, and more. He has also received many awards for his works. For instance, he has received six Oscar and four BAFTA nominations and won two American Society of Cinematographers honors.

So, here we will learn more about this veteran cinematographer’s family, spouse, earnings, children, and more.

Bruno Delbonnel’s Late Dad Initially Disapproved His Career

The cameraperson was born in 1957 in Nancy, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France. His family moved to Paris when he was five or six years old. Moreover, the new city had many movie theatres, and he grew up watching movies.

The young guy initially wanted to be a painter. However, Bruno Delbonnel’s late father disapproved of his career choice. He had fought in WWII and learned the harsh realities of not having money.

So, Bruno’s late dad wanted him to get a stable job like a doctor or lawyer. He also didn’t talk to his son after he got into the film industry for a couple of years. Thankfully, the father-son duo reconciled later on.

Bruno Delbonnel Family
Bruno Delbonnel’s late father initially disapproved of his cinematography career. Photo Source: Social Media.

Similarly, Bruno Delbonnel’s late mother might have initially been hesitant about his profession. But, she might have supported him afterward.

The cinematographer majored in philosophy at Université Paris Sorbonne. He later enrolled at Ecole Supérieure d’Etudes Cinématographiques (ESEC) and graduated in 1978.

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Bruno Delbonnel Net Worth And Career

The cinematographer first received a grant from the French government for filmmaking in the late 1970s. He directed a short movie Réalités rares, and began his journey. So, Bruno Delbonnel’s net worth primarily comprises his earnings from his film career.

The media person’s early movie credits include Pas de repos pour Billy Brakko, Jour de fauche, C’est jamais loin, Regarde-moi, etc. He finally got his breakthrough with Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amélie in 2001. In addition, the movie grossed $174,118,254 worldwide.

Since then, Bruno has worked on many projects whose box office collections are listed below:

Movies Box Office Collection
A Very Long Engagement $69,424,389
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince $934,483,039
Inside Llewyn Davis $32,960,249
Darkest Hour $150,847,274
The Tragedy of Macbeth $524,771

Delbonnel’s earnings must have been a hefty sum from working in such blockbuster hits. He also earned his sixth Oscar nomination in Best Cinematography for The Tragedy of Macbeth in 2022.

PayScale estimates the average pay of a cinematographer to be $58,810 a year. So, Bruno’s salary must be more, considering his two-decade-long career.

Thus, Bruno Delbonnel’s net worth must be a notable amount from his cinematography career. Another person renowned for her cinematography skills is Ari Wegner.

Is Bruno Delbonnel Married?

Well, the French cinematographer hasn’t talked much about his relationships. He hasn’t opened up about his partner or marital state.

The media personality isn’t much active on social media too. So, it’s pretty challenging to learn about his private affairs.

Still, Bruno is likely a married guy. He might have hidden his spouse’s identity to evade unnecessary media attention. Whatever the reason, Bruno Delbonnel’s wife, remains a mystery.

Bruno Delbonnel Wife
Bruno Delbonnel’s wife has never made any public appearance. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Similarly, the director of photography hasn’t shared anything about his children. Nonetheless, he was spotted with a beautiful young girl at the 90th Academy Awards. She is likely Bruno Delbonnel’s daughter.

Hopefully, Bruno will reveal more about his partner and kids in the future.