Camille Cottin Biography – Connasse Star

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Camille Cottin Biography

Camille Cottin is a well-known French actress and comedian. Image Source: Social Media

Camille Cottin is a renowned French actress and comedian who came into the limelight after acting in the series Connasse. She has since starred in many impressive movies and TV shows which has helped her establish a huge fan base globally.

The film star is known for her chic style and gorgeous looks. Her realistic acting and visuals also help make her distinct from other actresses. So, in this article, let’s learn more about Camille Cottin’s net worth, husband, kids, and earnings.

Is A French Native

On December 1, 1978, Cottin was born in Paris, France. Her father, Gillies Cottin, was an artist, sculptor, and painter. Her parents divorced after Camille Cottin’s mother, Edith, became pregnant with her.

Afterward, Cottin’s mom married Gabriel, who worked in finance. The actress grew up with her half-sister Avril. When Camille was twelve, the family moved to London following her stepdad’s transfer. Sadly, Camille Cottin’s stepfather died of a heart attack when she was twenty years old.

The Connasse star attended Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle. She had always wanted to take theatre classes but was too afraid to enroll in an English theatre program. Eventually, her mother started a drama club at her school, where she participated in a play about the mythological Trojan War.

Likewise, after completing high school, Cottin returned to Paris to study at Sorbonne University. After her mom’s insistence, she also joined a theatre school.

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Camille Cottin Net Worth And Career

The French actress first worked in theaters in her hometown. She got her big break after starring in Connasse in 2013. She has since appeared in many movies and TV shows over the years. So, Camille Cottin’s net worth is primarily based on her career as an actress. Her endorsement deals also add to her income.

Cottin’s French film credits include Le problème avec Tom (2019), Bernard & Fils, suicideurs à domicil (2011), Les gorilles (2015), Photo de famille (2018) etc. She made her presence known in Hollywood after acting in Allied (2016), Call My Agent (2015), and Stillwater (2010). Since she has performed in a slew of films, she must have earned a significant amount.

The table below shows some of the films that she has acted in and their box office collections:

Movies Earnings
House Of Gucci $53.8M
Stillwater $14.4M
Allied $38.8M

Table Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Having appeared in such blockbusters, Cottin must have been paid handsomely for her service. Besides appearing in various movies, she has also acted in many TV shows like Fracture, Killing Eve, Mouche, Pep’s, etc. Furthermore, the average pay for an actress is $69,930.7 (€66,458) in France. So, Camille Cottin’s salary must be more considering her numerous film and tv credits.

Thus, Camille Cottin’s net worth must be a notable amount.

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Is Camille Cottin Married?

Yes, Camille is happily married to her partner Benjamin Mohan. The couple tied the knot in 2005 and has been married for a decade and a half. As per one of her interviews, Camille Cottin’s husband is an architect. He is also very supportive of his wife’s career and attends many events with her.

Other than that, the Call My Agent star hasn’t shared much information about her spouse and has kept her personal life away from the limelight. Her Instagram account is also void of any posts about her partner. Let’s hope she shares more about her marital life in the coming days.

Is A Proud Mother Of Two

In their decade and a half-long marriage, Camille and her partner have been blessed with two children. Their son, Leon Cottin, was born in 2009. Likewise, Camille Cottin’s daughter, Anna Paloma, was born in August 2015.

The talented actress and her husband seem to be raising their children away from the spotlight. Despite this, the married pair appears to be enjoying their lives with their kids. Let’s hope Cottin opens up about her children in the future.

Camille Cottin Children
Camille Cottin is married to Benjamin Mohan and has two kids. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Overall, the media personality seems to be living a happy and comfortable life, all thanks to her massive earnings. Her acting and style have also influenced many people. Let’s hope Camille Cottin continues achieving more success in her career.