Chelsey Yeager Biography – Former Model And Vinnie Paul’s Girlfriend

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Chelsey Yeager Bio

Vinnie Paul's girlfriend, Chelsey Yeager also did some modeling. Image Source: Chelsey Yeager's Instagram.

The film and music industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. As a result, people associated with it have accumulated immense fame and fortune. One such individual is Vincent Paul Abbott, aka Vinnie Paul. He was one of the most accomplished drummers and musicians in the American music industry.

Sadly, the talented singer is no more with us. He passed away in June 2018. But, he is still alive through his extraordinary music. Nevertheless, many might be curious about his family members, including Vinnie Paul’s girlfriend, Chelsey Yeager.

Following the Pantera member’s death, let’s learn what Chelsey is doing now and how much percent of Vinnie Paul’s estate did she receive.

Her Father Is A Tech Mechanic

Chelsey Yeager was born to her father, Quinton Yeager, and mother, Annetta Yeager. Her father is a tech mechanic at Miller Coors. Meanwhile, whether Chelsey is a single child or has any siblings is yet to be known. Regardless, she must have grown up having a wonderful childhood.

Furthermore, the late drummer’s girlfriend must have received higher education. She likely earned a degree from one of the most prestigious universities. Let’s hope we will hear more about her educational details in the coming days.

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Chelsey Yeager Net Worth And Career

Well, Vinnie Paul’s girlfriend has not shared her exact profession. However, as reported by Heavy, she had previously done modeling for Eric Garcia, the Texas-based photographer. In addition, Yeager is popular on social media and has over 10K followers on Instagram alone. She has also partnered with various brands and promoted them on her account. Thus, Chelsey Yeager’s net worth must have benefited from all these endeavors.

The social media influencer must have amassed a pretty penny from her modeling career and brand endorsements. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of models in the USA is $99,578. Thus, Chelsey Yeager’s net worth must have increased during her modeling stints.

On the other hand, her late boyfriend, Vinnie Paul’s net worth was $6 million at the time of his demise. His fortune primarily benefited from his career as a musician and co-founder of the heavy metal band Pantera.

Life Style And Assets

Considering her notable earnings, Chelsey must live a comfortable lifestyle. Besides, her late lover also left a chunk of estates to her name. As per TMZ, the late drummer’s best friend, Charles Jones, was set to receive 38% of his estate. Meanwhile, the model was not far behind and earned 37% of his estate. The rest was divided between Vinny’s tour manager (10%), drum tech (5%), and friend (5%).

Not only that, we can often get a glimpse of the social media star’s luxurious lifestyle. She is often seen traveling to different countries and seems to enjoy her life to the fullest. Let’s hope she continues to live comfortably in the coming days.

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Is Happily Married

Chelsey and Vinnie were together from the early 2010s to 2018. After the musician passed away, many people grieved. Similarly, his longtime girlfriend and her parents also expressed the pain of losing him. Moreover, Yeager still shares precious pictures and videos of the late drummer on the occasion of his birthdays and other events.

Regardless of all the pain and suffering, life continues to go on. Likewise, Vinnie Paul’s girlfriend has started a new chapter in her life. She is now blissfully married to her new partner, Logan Fritchen. The lovely couple tied the knot on October 16, 2021.

Chelsey Yeager Husband Logan Fritchen
Vinnie Paul’s girlfriend, Chelsey Yeager, has been happily married to Logan Fritchen since October 2021. Image Source: Chelsey Yeager’s Instagram.

Moreover, the pair exchanged their vows in a fancy wedding ceremony at Lucky Spur Ranch Retreat in Denton, Texas. They seem very happy and content with each other. In addition, Chelsey Yeager’s husband often appears on her social media handles.

Furthermore, Chelsey and her spouse are yet to welcome any kids together. Could it be the duo is planning to have some babies? We wish the lovebirds a lasting bond. As we can see, Chelsey Yeager Fritchen is living a very happy life. She must be doing great in whatever career she is pursuing. Let’s hope we get to know more about her in the upcoming days.

Trivia And Facts

  • Chelsey Yeager’s birthday is on June 7.
  • She lives in Texas with her husband.
  • Her best friend, Jessica Ware, was tragically killed in a car accident in 2013.