Jacqueline West Biography – American Costume Designer

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Jacqueline West Bio

Jacqueline West is a four-time Academy Award nominated costume designer. Photo Source: Social Media.

Last updated on March 26th, 2022 at 04:08 pm

When discussing costume designers, one can’t miss the incredible Jacqueline West. She has created jaw-dropping dresses for many movie stars. For instance, she designed the costumes for Zendaya in Dune.

The media personality started as a fashion designer. She then successfully transitioned to creating costumes for big showbiz celebrities. Moreover, Brad Pitt has praised West’s creativity and called her ‘method costumer.’ She is also a four-time Academy Award nominee, including one in 2022.

So, here we will learn more about this talented person’s family, background, earnings, spouse, kids, and more.

Jacqueline West’s Mom Was A Designer

The costume designer hasn’t revealed her birthday or birthplace. Still, from what we know, she is of American nationality.

Jacqueline West’s mom, Christine West, was an avant-garde fashion designer of the 1940s and 1950s. She also worked for Lilli Ann and has designed many of their collections. In addition, West’s mother inspired her to pursue a career in fashion designing.

Jacqueline West Family
Jacqueline West’s mom, Christine West, an Avant-garde designer was her biggest inspiration. Photo Source: Social Media.

Likewise, Jacqueline West’s late father, Jack West, must be proud of her accomplishments. If she has any siblings, they might have also supported her wholeheartedly.

The designer studied art history at college because programs like FIDM weren’t available then. Her study was focused on medieval art, whose traces can also be seen in her designs. In addition, she holds a Master’s of Arts degree.

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Jacqueline West Net Worth And Career

Jacqueline West’s net worth mainly comprises her earnings from her costume design career. Her income benefits from working in films, documentaries, tv series, etc.

The designer began her career at clothes swap parties at Janis Joplin’s House. She later launched her own clothing store and line named, Identikit by Jacqueline West. Furthermore, director Philip Kaufman scouted West and hired her for Henry & June in 1990.

Afterward, West went on to work in Rising Sun, Quills, etc. Some of her movies, including their box office collection, are listed below:

Films Box Office Collection
The Banger Sisters $38,068,353
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen $179,265,204
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button $335,802,786
The Revenant $532,950,503
Dune $400,491,298

Jacqueline must have earned a considerable sum from such commercially hit movies. She shares her Oscar nomination for Dune with Bob Morgan. Moreover, the film’s cinematographer Greig Fraser is also nominated for the 2022 Academy Awards.

According to Salary.com, a costume designer makes $40,630 on average. So, West’s salary might also be around that range. Thus, Jacqueline West’s net worth must be a notable amount.

Is Jacqueline West Married?

The costume designer is happily married to her partner. However, she hasn’t spoken much about his identity or whereabouts.

Still, as per her interview with Fidm Museum, Jacqueline West’s husband developed a friendship with the director Philip Kaufman via her. He also was writing a Western project at that time.

Besides that, the blonde beauty hasn’t revealed much about her spouse. She might have kept him a secret to protect his privacy. Nonetheless, the couple must be enjoying a happy life together.

West Has A Daughter

The Dune designer is a loving mother of a beautiful girl, Naomi. She is the founder of online brocante La Vie en Pastis. In addition, the store sells French antiques, decor items, ceramics, etc.

Jacqueline West’s daughter, Naomi, lives in Luberon Valley and collects items for her shop there. She prefers to search in flea markets rather than antique fairs or brocantes. Moreover, West is proud of her child’s career and talks about it in her interviews.

The designer’s little girl, Naomi, also credits her as her inspiration. She fondly speaks of her mom and shares many childhood pictures on Instagram.

So, let’s wish the mother-daughter duo more success in the days ahead.