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Greig Fraser Bio

Greig Fraser is a well-renowned cinematographer who has worked on The Batman, Dune, etc. Photo Source: Social Media.

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When discussing cinematographers, one can not miss Greig Fraser. He is renowned for his innovative approach to filmmaking. For instance, his cinematography in The Batman received much praise from critics.

The cameraperson has also won many awards for his works. He has won a Primetime Emmy Awards and two Academy Awards nominations. So, let’s learn more about Fraser’s fortune, family, spouse, children, etc., in this biography.

Greig Fraser Developed Photography Passion In Late Teenage Years

The media personality was born on October 3, 1975, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He hasn’t revealed much about his family. Nonetheless,  must have grown up in a loving home.

Greig Fraser’s father and mother must have supported his career. If he has any siblings, they too are likely proud of his accomplishments.

Fraser’s first photography memory goes back to borrowing his mom’s Instamatic 100 camera as a kid. He initially took still lifes of tennis balls and benches, but it turned out bad.

Greig Fraser Family
Greig Fraser’s father and mother must have supported his photography passion from the beginning. Photo Source: Social Media.

The young guy only developed a passion for photography in his teenage years. His teachers, Robert Mau and David Modra helped him uncover his innate skill at Luther College. Moreover, Greig majored in photography at RMIT University. He received his BA degree in 1999.

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Greig Fraser Net Worth And Career

Since graduation, the cameraman has been devoted to working behind the scenes. He has worked on numerous documentaries, short movies, music videos, etc. Hence, Greig Fraser’s net worth comprises his earnings from his cinematography career.

The cameraperson’s early works include P.I.N.S., First Love, Forbidden, Cracker Bag, Fuel, Marco Solo, etc. He also served as a director of photography in Bob Dylan‘s songs Must Be Santa and Beyond Here Lies Nothin’.

Some of his movie credits, including their box office collections, are listed below:

Movies Box Office Collection
Snow White and the Huntsman $396,592,829
The Boys Are Back $3,252,136
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story $1,056,057,720
The Gambler $39,280,992
Dune $400,489,663

Fraser must have been paid well, considering his film projects’ vast box office collections. He also won Primetime Emmy Awards for his contribution to The Mandalorian. In addition, he has been nominated for Best Achievement in Cinematography in the 2022 Oscars.

The average pay of a cinematographer is $58,810 as per PayScale. So, Greig’s salary must be more, considering his years of experience. Thus, Greig Fraser’s net worth must be a notable amount from his career.

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Greig Fraser Is Married To Jodie Fried

The cinematographer is happily married to designer Jodie Fried. The latter is the director and co-founder of the ethical textile company Armadillo & Co.

The pair first met in Sydney in 2004. Both were involved in a film project where Greig was a director of photography. Moreover, Greig’s partner, Jodie, became charmed by his drive to create beautiful images. She immediately fell in love with him.

The couple began dating shortly but decided against marriage earlier. However, after shifting to the US in 2008, both faced many problems due to their nonmarital state. Finally, the duo married in a helicopter above Las Vegas.

Greig Fraser’s wife, Jodie’s company, Armadillo, is an internationally respected textile firm. She was also listed in Time’s world’s top 100 most influential “green designers” list.

Fraser Is A Father Of Three

The Batman photography director has welcomed three lovely kids. His son, Felix Fraser, is his firstborn and is in his early teens.

Greig Fraser’s children, Leo Fraser and Poppy Fraser, were born two years apart. He has shared how he has felt a sense of greatness since his kids were born.


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The cinematographer seems to prefer to keep his babies away from the media. His spouse, Jodie, also rarely shares pictures of their children.

Hopefully, we will learn more about them in the future.