Jamie Boeheim Biography – Jim Boeheim’s Daughter

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Jamie Boeheim Bio

Jamie Boeheim is the daughter of basketball coach Jim Boeheim. Image Source: Jamie Boeheim Facebook.

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Syracuse Orange head coach Jim Boeheim has gained significant fame for his spectacular coaching skills. His kids, too, have followed in his footsteps and are doing great in their basketball careers.

Jim Boeheim’s daughter, Jamie Boeheim, is amidst the process of making a good name for herself in the sports industry. She has remained in the limelight for a very long time now. So, in this biography, here are some information about Jamie Boeheim’s family, earnings, and many more.

Twin Daughter Of Jim And His Spouse

Jamie Boeheim was born on November 11, 1999. She is the twin daughter of Jim Boeheim and Juli Boeheim. Her other twin is Buddy Boeheim.

Jamie Boeheim’s brother, Buddy plays as a guard for the Syracuse Orange. Similarly, her elder brother Jimmy Boeheim is also a basketball player. He previously played for Cornell University and currently plays at Syracuse Orange.

Jamie Boeheim's Siblings
Jamie Boeheim is the twin daughter of Jim Boeheim and Juli Boeheim. Image Source: Jimmy Boeheim Instagram.

As mentioned earlier, Jamie Boeheim’s dad is a basketball coach. Jim became a member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame after being inducted in 2005.

Furthermore, Jamie’s elder sister, Elizabeth Boeheim, is her dad’s child from his first marriage.

Just like her brothers, Jamie also completed high school studies at Jamesville-DeWitt High School. Then, she attended the University of Rochester.

Jamie Boeheim Net Worth And Earnings

Jamie Boeheim comes from a basketball-influenced family. Her dad being the coach might have helped her in the sports as she may have been trained from a very young age. Seeing her brothers make a good name for themselves as basketball players, she must have been inspired to follow in their dad’s footsteps.

Jamie must have made a good income in her career. As a result, Jamie Boeheim’s net worth is estimated to be a considerable sum.

Jim Boeheim’s daughter started playing basketball at high school. She even served as the team captain of the basketball team in the 2017-18 team. She helped the team win five sectional crowns and three state titles in basketball.

After completing high school, Jamie attended the University of Rochester in 2018. During the 2018-19 season, she appeared in 21 games with the Yellowjackets. However, after her freshman year, she decided not to continue her playing career.

Jamie also interned at Sandra Pomeroy Treatment Center and Crouse Health’s Bill. Who knows, she might pursue a profession in the health line. Nonetheless, she might earn considerably.

As a result, Jamie Boeheim’s net worth might be a significant sum. On the other hand, Jamie’s dad is a celebrated basketball coach and has a net worth of $20 million.

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Who Is Jamie Boeheim’s Boyfriend?

Jamie came into the limelight because of her last name, “Boeheim.” Coming from a family that has remained in the limelight over the years, it must be challenging to maintain a private lifestyle.

But for Jamie, it seems to be an easy job. She has not disclosed any of her personal details. Furthermore, even during media presence, she has not talked about her love life. As a result, there’s not much information about Jamie Boeheim’s boyfriend.

As her Instagram is private, it has become more difficult to know about her beau.

But in June 2020, Jamie had posted a picture on Facebook with a guy on a beach. However, she did not mention his name. Fans were curious to know about this mystery guy as his face was not clear. But the information about the guy could not be received.

Let’s hope Jamie will feel at ease enough to open up about her love life to the media.

Nonetheless, Jim Boeheim’s daughter must be living a wonderful life with her family. We wish her immense success and blissful life ahead.