JC Tha Barber Biography – Award-Winning International Stylist

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JC Tha Barber's Bio

JC Tha Barber is a celebrity hair stylist whose clientele list includes Diddy and French Montana. Image Source: JC Tha Barber's Instagram.

Jc Hammons, aka JC Tha Barber, is L.A.’s A-list celebrity barber. He is an award-winning international stylist who has worked with numerous wealthy and influential celebrities and superstars. Moreover, he is successfully running Brotherhood Barbershop.

An educator, shop owner, and Hollywood’s newest face on television, JC’s passion for hair styling has led him to numerous achievements over these years. In addition, he is one of those barbers whose talent has raised the standards of barbers worldwide. So, let’s learn more exciting facts about JC Tha Barber’s personal and professional life.

Served Jail Time

The celebrity barber often keeps his personal life under the wraps as such, his birth details haven’t been revealed yet. Jc Hammons’ mother is Clarita Cohen. He also has a younger sister, Alin Cohen. On his Instagram, he has shared some photos of his big family. Moreover, it seems like Hammons is incredibly close to his mom and grandmother.


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When he was in his early 20s, he hung out with the wrong people. As a result, JC got caught in a felony evading case and even went to jail. While in prison, he discovered his talent for barbering, so after getting out, he went to a barber school. Afterward, he began his career in hair styling and hasn’t looked back since.

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JC Tha Barber Net Worth And Career

JC is behind the eye-catching hairstyles of superstars like Snoop Dogg, DJ Khaled, John Boyega, Chris BrownTy Dolla $ignDiddySwaggy P.Steve-O, and many more. Furthermore, French Montana was his first celebrity client. Hence, JC Tha Barber’s net worth must be affluent considering such high profile clientele roster.

As mentioned before, JC attended a barber school, and then he opened his first shop, Brotherhood Barbershop, in 2012. With his outstanding marketing skills, passion for his work, and hip personality, the L.A. native gained immense success and popularity in a short period. Presently, he has two barbershops, one in Las Vegas and another in California. The income from his stores must be considerable.

The stylist has established his brand as JC Tha Barber and is friends with many NBA’s elite stars and hip-hop personalities. Through his Anti-Broke Barbers Club, he teaches aspiring barbers his formula for success by organizing tours worldwide. Furthermore, he is also a Golf Ambassador of Society 61. Hammons has become a celebrity in his own right and lives a luxurious lifestyle.

Here are some JC Tha Barber’s launched products and their prices.

Item Price
Signature Facial Mister 2.0 $22
Anti Broke Barber Club Royal Trucker $40
Anti Broke Barbers Club Hoodie $62+
Anti-Broke Barber Club Golf Tee $38
A.B.B.C. Pin $2.99

Table Source: JC Tha Barber’s Website

The Los Angeles native must have earned considerably from such items’ sales. Furthermore, the average annual salary of a barber in America is $43,875. Therefore, Jc Hammons, aka JC Tha Barber’s net worth must be prospering continuously.

Hammons has been in the barbering business for over a decade. Aside from that, he is the executive producer of his reality TV show, “JC Tha Barber” (2017) and “Holey Moley” (2019). He has also appeared on other TV shows such as WAGS, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Khloe’s Revenge Body. 

Similarly, Richard Mendoza is another celebrity barber with massive earnings.

Treats His Wife Like A Queen

A man with multiple talents, JC has gained recognition all over the globe. Many people are curious to know about his romantic affairs and relationships. Well, the celebrity barber is married to the love of his life. JC Tha Barber’s wife is Nell, an entrepreneur.

JC Hammons’ spouse is the owner of Nellxo, which specializes in producing luxurious Kitchenware. She is also the founder of First-Class Voyage LLC. Moreover, Nell met her husband when he was addicted to drugs and gambling. At that time, he was living with his mother. Nonetheless, the businesswoman stayed with Jc, and the latter credits her for helping him become the man he is today.

JC Tha Barber's Wife
JC Tha Barber’s wife, Nell, is an entrepreneur and owner of Nellxo. Image Source: JC ThaBarber’s Facebook.

Hammons also lovingly calls his partner his Queen on his social media posts. And, it seems like he does treat her as one.

The hairstylist dated T’La Graves in the past, who was featured in the episodes of the 2017 TV show JC Tha Barber.

Has Two Daughters

The renowned barber is a father as well. JC Tha Barber’s daughters are Amaya Hammons and Londynn Hammons, who were born in 2005 and 2013, respectively. In 2019, Amaya was inducted into the Honors Society for having the highest GPA in her School District. However, she wants to take the same career path as her dad and carry on his legacy.

The talented personality is a doting dad and often talks about his kids on social media. He has called them his motivation and occasionally shares videos of having dance sessions with his girls.

Overall, JC is a role model to many young barbers around the globe. But between a busy career and a social life, we see that there is more to him than what meets the eye. From serving jail time to becoming one of the most sought-after barbers in the industry, the L.A. native’s hustle and drive have taken him to immeasurable heights of success.

Facts And Trivia

  • JC has 97.1K IG followers.
  • He is a hype man and has performed on stage with some of his clients.
  • He has designed shoes for Adidas.