Jon Spaihts Biography – Screenwriter

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Jon Spaihts' Bio

Jon Spaihts is an American screenwriter who has worked in hit movies like Dune, Doctor Strange. Image Source: Jon Spaihts Instagram.

Last updated on March 26th, 2022 at 04:10 pm

Jon Spaihts is one of the well-known screenwriters of Hollywood. He is known for his work in popular films like Doctor Strange, Dune, etc. He has undoubtedly amassed a huge amount to his name.

Although Jon has gained immense fame and success in his work, he has rarely shared much about himself. So, let’s know more about him in this biography with some facts about Jon Spaihts’ net worth, love life, and many more.

Jon Grew Up In New York

The famous screenwriter was born on February 4, 1970, in New York City. He is the only son of his parents and must have been pampered really well by them.

Jon Spaihts’ mom, Jean Spaihts, worked as a computer programmer while his dad, Jim Spaihts is an electronic engineer.

Furthermore, Jon attended Princeton University. However, there’s no information about his major.

Jon Spaihts Net Worth And Earnings

The New York native is known for writing science fiction movies. He has been involved in the screenwriting profession for many years. In all these years of his professional career, he must have earned considerably. As a result, Job Spaihts’ net worth must be a huge sum.

In 2011, Jon began his screenwriting career by working as a writer in The Darkest Hour. Since then, Spaihts has worked as a screenwriter in many movies, which has become a massive hit.

Below are some of the movies that Jon has worked on as a screenwriter and their box office collections.

Movies Box Office Collections
The Darkest Hour $21.4M
Prometheus $126.5M
Doctor Strange $232.6M
Passengers $100.0M
Dune $108.1M

Furthermore, it has been announced that Jon Spaihts will be writing for other projects like Van Helsing, Justice League Dark, and Dune: The Sisterhood.

Apart from being a screenwriter, Jon has also worked as a director and producer. He has directed and produced short videos like Passengers: Dare to Dream, Elite Suites, Choose Your Star, and A Flight to Remember. 

Jon is also a photographer and has shared pictures that he captured on Instagram.

Since he has many years of experience working in the field, the multi-talented star must have earned considerably. As a result, Jon Spaihts’ net worth might be substantial.

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Jon Is Blissfully Married To Johanna Watts

Although many know about the professional part of his life, very little is known about Jon Spaihts’ personal life. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that his career and lovelife are both going well.

Jon shares a blissful marital life with Johanna Watts. The couple has been married since October 1, 2011.

There’s no information regarding when the couple met and how was their first meet. But, the married duo does not shy away from sharing their love for each other via social media.

Furthermore, Jon Spaihts’ wife is an actress. She has appeared in different movies like Career Girl, American Warships, Bullet Train, etc.

As both of them belong to the entertainment business, there is a chance that Jon and Johanna met while working together or at an event. Well, how they met might be a mystery, but it is clear that the pair’s marital life is going strong.

Another entertainment personality who married an actress is Adam McKay.

Does Jon Have Any Kids?

While his love life is not hidden, the question regarding his kids arises in the media time and again.

Well, the talented screenwriter is a doting father of a child. In October 2013, he posted a picture of his pregnant wife. Then, in November 2013, Jon shared an adorable photo of his son and baby mama napping together.

However, Jon has not revealed his only child’s name. Nonetheless, Jon Spaihts’ son must be having a wonderful life away from media scrutiny.

Jon seems to be living a wonderful life with his wife and son. Let’s hope he achieves more success in the coming days.