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Jonas Poher Rasmussen Bio

Jonas Poher Rasmussen is an Oscar-nominated filmmaker. Photo Source: Flickr.

Last updated on March 26th, 2022 at 03:36 pm

Jonas Poher Rasmussen is one of the most looked-after filmmakers in the 2022 Oscars. His documentary, Flee, has earned two Academy Awards nominees in Best Documentary Feature and Best Animated Feature Film. In addition, it is the story of Jonas’ close friend and his struggles as a refugee.

However, Flee wasn’t the only notable project of the director. He previously made a feature film, Searching for Bill, which won Nordic Dox Award in 2012. So, let’s get to know more about this rising filmmaker’s background, career, family, siblings, spouse, and kids in this biography.

Jonas’s Grandfather Was A Well-Renowned Poet

The Flee director was born on May 19, 1981, in Kalundborg, Denmark. His great-grandmother was the daughter of Russian-Jewish refugees who had to flee Nazi Germany. Moreover, he has shared how the experience impacted his late great-grandma’s whole life.

Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s late grandfather, Halfdan Rasmussen, was a famous Danish poet. He had written many books for children and adults and won the Ministry of Culture’s children book prize in 1965. Likewise, Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s father, Tom Nagel Rasmussen, is a musician and theatre man.

Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s mother, Catherine Poher, is a visual artist and dance set designer. She has over forty years of theatre experience and directed five Reumert-winning performances. Furthermore, he also has a brother named Jakob Hvenegaard Koch-Nielsen.

The filmmaker studied film and television at Odsherreds Gymnasium. Then, he enrolled at the Super16, a Danish film school to continue his studies. Finally, he received his degree in 2010.

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Jonas Poher Rasmussen Net Worth And Career

Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s net worth comprises his earnings from his filmmaking career. His fortune also comes from his works as a scriptwriter, producer, and editor.

The Danish director made his debut with a short documentary Easa 2002: A Journey to Vis, in 2003. He then directed Noget om Halfdan, a biography about his late granddad, Halfdan. In addition, it also featured his dad and uncles, Iben Nagel Rasmussen and Nis Rasmussen.

Some of his other documentaries, including their release dates, are listed below:

Documentaries Release Dates
Short Doors June 1, 2008
The Day After October 2009
Et hus af glas 2010
What He Did November 6, 2015
Searching for Bill February 21, 2013

The producer’s Flee was a blockbuster hit and grossed $611,471 worldwide. It earned two BAFTA nominations and won three categories in Annecy International Animated Film Festival. Furthermore, Jonas shares two Oscar nominations with Monica Hellstrøm, Signe Byrge Sørensen, and Charlotte de La Gournerie.

A documentary filmmaker’s average earnings is $59,610 per year. So, Rasmussen’s salary must also be around that range. Hence, Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s net worth must be a notable amount from his film career.

Another individual renowned for his experimental documentary filmmaking is Jay Rosenblatt.

Is Jonas Poher Rasmussen Married?

The Danish director is happily married to his partner, Ditte Graa Wulff. She is the CEO and partner of Bespoke Copenhagen, a global Future Design Studio in Copenhagen.

The pair hasn’t precisely shared when they began dating or got married. Still, both are living happily in a beautiful home in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Furthermore, the couple transformed a disused pizzeria of 120 square meters into a modern house.

Jonas Poher Rasmussen Wife Ditte Graa Wulff
Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s wife, Ditte Graa Wulff, is the CEO and partner of Bespoke Copenhagen. Photo Source: Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s Instagram.

Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s wife, Ditte, was included in Berlingske Business’ Talent 100 in 2017. She is a successful entrepreneur with many years of experience.

The duo often attends events and award functions together. Both occasionally share pictures of their dates, vacations, and travels on social media.

Is A Father Of A Baby Girl

Jonas is the father of a lovely little girl named Kaya Rasmussen. She is his first child and was born in 2015. Moreover, the filmmaker occasionally shares pictures of his daughter on Instagram.


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Rasmussen had once uploaded a picture of his wife, Ditte, who looked pregnant in May 2018. However, he hasn’t shared anything about his second baby.

The filmmaker has Wikipedia and IMDB profiles. Besides that, people can also contact him via his social media accounts and agency. So, let’s wish him more success in the upcoming days.