Kevin Yasenchak Biography – Popular Darts Player

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Kevin Yasenchak's bio

Kevin Yasenchak is a darts player from Cleveland, Ohio. Image Source: Kevin Yasenchak's Facebook.

Darts is a widely played game worldwide. In America too, it is one of the popular sports. Several darts players have made a good name for themselves in the sports industry. One such renowned name is Kevin Yasenchak. He has gained immense fame over the years of his playing career.

Kevin has, however, remained secretive about his private life. His fans and followers have shown curiosity in learning about him. So, let’s take a look at Kevin Yasenchak’s biography, including some facts about his parents, love life, and many more.

His Parents Have Already Separated

Kevin was born in 1992 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. He is one of the two sons of his dad and mom. Sadly, the names of his father and brother have not been revealed yet. Furthermore, Kevin Yasenchak’s mother is Reena Landers.

Kevin Yasenchak's Family
Kevin Yasenchak has a brother, but his name has not been revealed yet. Image Source: Reena Bodjiak’s Facebook.

Sadly, Yasenchak’s parents are no longer together. After separating, his mama, Reena Bodjiak, tied the knot with Steve Bodjiak. Once his mother shared a picture of her granddaughter, Lilyanah, and her daughter, Belle. Could it be Belle is Kevin Yasenchak’s sister?

Talking about his education, it has not been revealed which school and university the darts player attended.

Kevin Yasenchak Net Worth And Career

Kevin has been playing professionally for quite a long time now. He has claimed victories in several matches and earned considerably. Talking about his fortune, Kevin Yasenchak’s net worth mainly comprises his earnings from the darts tournaments that he has competed in.

The sportsman’s professional career started back in 2010 at ADO Savannah Open. He was able to reach the Quarter Finals of the event but couldn’t move more forward than that. He claimed his first victory seven years later in 2017 at ADO Lake Erie Classic.

Kevin’s riches primarily comprise his prize money. While some events have not revealed the exact amount it pays to the players participating in it, some have mentioned it. Now, let’s take a look at the table given below, which shows some of Kevin Yasenchak’s earnings in different competitions.

Year Tournaments Prize Money
2012 Virginia Beach Dart Classic $40
2013 Cleveland Darts Extraveganza $25
2018 ADO Syracuse Open $100
2018 Cleveland Darts Extraveganza $50
2020 Las Vegas Open $40

Table Source: Darts Database

According to Kevin’s Darts Database profile, his career earnings is $255 as of now. It already has been more than a decade since he started playing darts, and he has made remarkable accomplishments. Furthermore, Yasenchak ranks 9th in the WDF USA Men. He is currently sponsored by Cuesoul and Booyah Darts.

A top professional dart player from the PDC can earn $1.9 million annually. Hence, the Cleveland native’s income might also reach the same range if he continues progressing. Thus, Kevin Yasenchak’s net worth must be a substantial amount.

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Who Is Kevin Yasenchak’s Other Half?

After one comes into the limelight, their personal life becomes a subject of concern to the media and the general public. Due to his exemplary accomplishments as a professional darts player, Kevin has also become a household name. And his fans are eager to unfold everything related to him.

However, even after being in the spotlight, the sportsperson has not revealed anything about his love life. As a result, Kevin Yasenchak’s girlfriend is a mystery for now. Even if he is dating someone, he might be protecting the privacy of his other half.

Let’s hope the professional darts player opens up about his dating status in the coming days. Nonetheless, he must be living a content life enjoying his hard-earned money. Hopefully, Kevin continues to achieve more success in the future.

Trivia And Facts

  • He also goes by the nickname Yaz.
  • Kevin has competed with different players like Bruce Robbins, Tom Sawyer, Larry Butler, Leonard Gates, and others.