Koichi Shintani Biography – Japanese Horse Trainer

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Koichi Shintani Biography

Koichi Shintani is a Japanese horse trainer. Image Source: Social Media.

  • Birth Name Koichi Shintani
  • Birth Place Japan
  • Nationality Japanese
  • Profession Horse Trainer
  • Relationship Status Not Confirmed
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Hair Color Black

Last updated on April 24th, 2022 at 08:04 am

Koichi Shintani is an up-and-coming Japanese Thoroughbred horse trainer who has qualified for the first time in Kentucky Derby. Having started his career only two years ago, he has been climbing up the ranks to make a name for himself.

Shintani, who expressed his desire to play in the Kentucky Derby, first sent his horse to the 1,900-meter Dubai Derby, where Crown Pride excelled with flying colors. That helped Koichi and his team qualify for the Kentucky Derby.

Many mightn’t know anything about the Japanese trainer, considering he is just beginning his career. So, let’s learn more about his family, career, wife, and net worth.

Is A Japanese Native

Shintani has not precisely revealed his birthday or birthplace. But based on the reports of a few sites, it could be assumed that he was born in the 70s to Japanese parents. Since the trainer has only just started showing the world his talents, the information about his family has not been revealed yet.

The horse trainer has been in this business for some time now but finally made a breakthrough in the UAE Derby competition, which took place on March 26, 2022. His horse Crown Pride gave him a win for the first time in his career.

Aside from Crown Pride, Shintani trains forty other horses.

From all of Shintani’s interviews and dedication to his job, we can see he is really enthusiastic about it. He might have also started earlier since most trainers start their careers from a young age. Despite not revealing things about his personal life, Koichi mentioned he had been involved in the sports for a while before making his horse training debut in 2020.

Dreams Of Kentucky Derby

Every horse trainer, owner, or jockey dreams of racing globally in the most coveted horse race tournament. Qualifying for the Kentucky Derby is tough, but participating in the Grade I stake race is what everyone aims for.

Koichi also had the same dream. He was honored to win the Dubai Derby ahead of all the notable and accomplished trainers, which helped him be more motivated for the future. The event also featured a well-known trainer like Bob Baffert, among others.

Koichi Shintani Net Worth
Koichi Shintani won his first trophy cementing his qualification for Kentucky Derby. Image Source: Mubadala’s Twitter.

The Japanese horse trainer had to shake off his lack of confidence at the beginning of the race as he wasn’t sure about the short length and how his horse would do. But, that quickly wore off as he saw his jockey Damian Lane run past every other competitor to win the contest.

Likewise, The UAE Derby, the only international race on the way to Kentucky, gives its top four performers the most viable options to qualify. The top horse gets 100 points, while the other three get 40, 20, and 10. With a straight 100 points, Shintani’s dream of competing in the Kentucky Derby became true.

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Koichi Shintani Net Worth And Career

Koichi has not revealed anything about the money he earns from horse training yet. But, he’s in his stable working on his horses most of the time. Since he has forty horses, it can be assumed that Koichi Shintani’s net worth consists of his earnings as a horse trainer.

The Asian trainer closely works with the owner of the Shadai Stallion Stations, Teruya Yoshida. Yoshida’s investment to get the best horses in Japan has helped Koichi earn relatively well from the stable.

Koichi’s horse, Crown Pride, is a pure Japanese-born and bred horse who had the perfect record in 2021. On his debut, he won the race by six lengths in the 1,800 meters category, while he won the second race by three.

After that, the racehorse had a very promising season as he finished sixth in the Hyacinth Stakes in Japan. In the 1,600-meter race, Crown Pride nearly won it as well. But, it dropped back early and then went wide on the turn, which let the winner Combustion quickly go past all other horses.

Moreover, Crown Pride defeated fifteen other horses in the UAE Derby to win the competition. He easily beat Combustion, who failed tragically in a longer-length race finishing 11th. Trainer Koichi Shintani ranks 11th after graded stakes win in the UAE Derby as of April 2022.

Let’s look at Koichi’s horse, Crown Pride’s stats:

Date Horse Jockey Finish Time
03/26/22 Crown Pride Damian Lane 1st 1:59:76
02/20/22 Crown Pride Mirco Demuro 6th 1:35:30
11/07/21 Crown Pride Hideaki Miyuki 1st 1:53:50
10/03/21 Crown Pride Hideaki Miyuki 1st 1:55:30

Table Source: Horse Racing Nation

Furthermore, he might have accumulated a decent income from his qualification for the Kentucky Derby and two back-to-back wins in Japan. So, we can assume that Koichi Shintani’s net worth is a considerable amount.

Like him, Tim Yakteen is another renowned horse trainer.

Is Koichi Shintani Single?

Well, the information about Shintani’s love life is scarce as he appears to be a secretive person. There has been no mention of Koichi Shintani’s wife and his children in his interviews.

Koichi hasn’t opened up about whether he is active on Instagram or Twitter. So tracking down his personal life seems very difficult. His only focus right now appears to be his job.

Nevertheless, the trainer must be living a good life with all the success that has been coming his way. So, let’s hope he continues to do better in his professional and personal life.