Mike Thibault Biography – Washington Mystics Head Coach

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Mike Thibault Bio

Mike Thibault is the head coach of Washington Mystics for the WNBA. Image Source: Carl Thibault DuDonis' Instagram.

Mike Thibault is known as the head coach of the Washington Mystics. In American women’s basketball, he is one of the most influential coaches. With a successful career of over thirty-five years, Coach Mike is the winningest coach in WNBA history.

Mike’s birth name is Michael Francis Thibault. Since his early coaching days, his career and professional life have been public. However, his personal details remain unknown to his fans and the public. So, let’s learn about Mike Thibault’s net worth, career, family, wife, children, etc.

Mike Lost Five Of His Siblings

On the 28th of September,1950, Mike Thibault was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. In an interview, he revealed being the oldest of nine siblings. However, five of his siblings, four sisters, and a brother passed away due to Cystic Fibrosis.

Mike, being the oldest kid, had a sense of responsibility towards his younger siblings Larry Thibault, Barbara Privitera, and Jane Van Dyke. So, other than school and practice, he spent the rest of his time helping his parents take care of his brothers and sisters.

Sadly, Frank J. Thibault, Mike Thibault’s father, passed away in June 2017. Frank was a school teacher and a game designer, best known for his party board game, Kahoots. As Coach Thibault’s parent’s details are limited, information regarding Mike Thibault’s mother remains concealed.

Speaking of his education, in 1979, Mike graduated from Saint Martin’s University.

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Mike Thibault Net Worth And Career

Mike started his coaching career with the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA. He was shortly promoted to scouting director and assistant coach. The associate coach completed his tenure and moved to Chicago Bulls in 1982. Hence, Mike Thibault’s net worth mainly comprises his earnings as an NBA coach.

During his time with Chicago Bulls, the team drafted great players like Michael Jordan, Charles Oakley, and John Paxson and won the NBA Championship two times in 1980 and 1982. After four years with the Bulls, the basketball coach left the NBA for World Basketball League.

From 1989 to 1997, the talented basketball coach led the Omaha Racers of the Continental Basketball Association as a head coach and general manager. At the same time, Mike also worked as a coach for the United Nations National Team.

Mike returned to NBA in 1998 and worked with teams like Atlanta Hawks, New York Knicks, Seattle SuperSonics, and Milwaukee Bucks. His WNBA career began with Connecticut Sun when the team hired him to replace Dee Brown. After working with the Sun for nine years, Mike joined Washington Mystics in 2013. Since then, he has been with the Mystics and has gained several wins and awards. 

A basketball head coach makes $65,962 a year on average. Therefore, Mike Thibault’s salary as a head coach might be significant. Moreover, as the head coach is also the team’s general manager, we may consider Mike Thibault’s net worth to be growing significantly.

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His Wife Was An Athlete In High School

The Washington Mystics coach is also a married man. Mike Thibault’s wife is Nanci Thibault, who was an athlete in her high school days. For the Thibaults, basketball has always been a family affair. Although, Nanci is the only person in the family who hasn’t pursued a career in basketball.

Mike Thibault's Wife Nanci Thibault
Mike Thibault’s Wife, Nanci Thibault, was an athlete in her high school days. Image Source: Mike Thibault’s Instagram.

Mike and Nanci have been married for a long time and have two children together. Unfortunately, the head coach is often away from home due to games and tight schedules. So, the mother of two must have had a hard time raising their kids.

Mike Thibault’s spouse is active on Facebook as Nanci Dean Thibault, where she mentioned her hometown as Eatonville, Washington.

His Children’s Careers In Basketball

Thibault is a father of two children. His son, Eric Thibault, is the eldest among the two siblings, born in 1987. The lovely couple welcomed their second child, a daughter, in 1991. Just like their father, the Thibault siblings have careers in basketball.

Mike Thibault’s daughter, Carly Thibault-DuDonis, is the head coach of Fairfield University‘s women’s basketball team. On the other hand, Mike Thibault’s son, Eric, is a Washington Mystics coaching staff member.

Mike Thibault's Children
Mike Thibault’s son and daughter, Eric and Carly, both have careers in basketball. Image Source: Nanci Dean Thibault’s Facebook.

Carly is married to Blake DuDonis, a women’s basketball head coach at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. As for Eric, he is also happily married to Andreya Cracco Thibault.

Mike Thibault is a WNBA icon thanks to his love for basketball, a game that transcends gender. With a coaching career of over thirty-five years, Mike is now one of the highest-winning coaches in American basketball history.

We wish him health, success, and prosperity in the upcoming days.