Molly Wright Biography – Ted Talker And Child Actress

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Molly Wright's bio

Molly Wright is one of the youngest TED speakers. Image Source: Molly Wright's Instagram.

TED Talks is a recorded public-speaking presentation to spread ideas and knowledge, usually in short and powerful talks. There are several people who have spoken at such events be in nationally or internationally. One of them is Molly Wright, who delivered a TED talk and was the youngest person to do so at that time.

Besides that, Wright has also acted in several entertainment projects and has gained significant fame. As a result, many people might be curious to learn about her. Thus, here we present Molly Wright’s biography, including the facts about her childhood, family, and many more.

Has Supportive Parents

Molly was born in 2014 in Manchester, England. She is the eldest child of Ally Wright and Neil Wright. Her brother, Freddie Wright, was born in July 2018. Molly Wright’s mom is an actress who spent 10 years modeling in commercial and editorial campaigns.


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Furthermore, Molly Wright’s dad is also in the acting business and is also a golfer. As both of her parents are involved in the entertainment business, she must have gotten a knack for acting from a very young age. Likewise, her mom and dad have always supported whatever she put her heart in.

Molly is currently studying in grade 3. However, the name of her school has not been revealed yet.

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The Youngest Person At That Time To Deliver TED Talk

The England-born child actress mainly came into the limelight after she delivered a TED talk. She was just aged seven, making her the youngest person to do so at that time. In July 2021, she delivered Thrive by Five TED Talk for Minderoo Foundation. The event was organized at The Sydney Opera House, directed by Michael Gracey. It gained immense popularity, and TED named it the Number One TED Talk of 2021. The little girl started the talk with an interesting statement, which was

What if I was to tell you that a game of peek-a-boo could change the world?

It intrigued the guests present there. The young speaker was accompanied by her neighbor Amarjot and his son Ari. Two of them were there to help her with her experiment related to the topic she spoke about. Her presentation was related to how adults’ activities can help shape the children and the adults they later become.

Furthermore, Molly shed light on the most crucial topic of her presentation, i.e., the importance of the first five years for health and development, especially the brain. She also talked about the top five things necessary for their healthy development; connecting, talking, playing, a healthy home, and community.

Wright talked about the ideas regarding how adults can help. She also asked the grown-ups to remember the most important period for a child’s development. Almost 8 minutes long video uploaded on the YouTube channel TED has garnered more than 3 million views and received 161K likes.

Ari gained significant fame and has since spoken at several other events and made a good name for herself.

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Molly Is An Aspiring Wildlife Warrior

Besides public speaking, Molly is also involved in several charity works. She is a social activist and aspiring wildlife warrior. She runs Molly’s Wildlife Warriors with the help of her parents. It is a group of 40 kids who raise funds and awareness for Currumbin Wildlife Hospital in Queensland.

Moreover, Wright has collaborated with several brands, organizations, and activists. In December 2021, Wildlife Warriors raised $20,000 for the hospital. Many people have applauded her works. Over time, the program has raised massive funds, which have helped in the smooth running of Currumbin hospital and have also benefitted several wildlife species.

Molly Wright Net Worth And Career

Aside from speaking ventures, the beautiful girl has also made a name for herself in the acting business. Furthermore, Molly Wright’s net worth mainly comprises her earnings from the different acting projects she has been involved in.

Being a daughter of parents involved in the acting business, the Manchester native must have been trained from a very young age. As per The Daily Biography, she took a training course at The Warehouse Screen Acting Studio Teraze Burke.

Molly made her acting debut in the television movie Kidnapped in 2021. She has since then starred in several other films and television series, including Christmas on the Farm, Troppo, Joe vs. Carole, Upright, Darby and Joan, etc. She was also a voice actress in the film Black Site.

Molly Wright's Net Worth
Molly Wright’s first television movie was Kidnapped. Image Source: Molly Wright’s Instagram.

The average salary of an actress in Australia is $46,596 annually. Hence, the child film star must be making considerable earnings. Thus, Molly Wright’s net worth is presumably a substantial amount.

Nonetheless, Molly seems to be living a wonderful life with her family in Queensland, Australia. As she still has a long way to go, let’s hope she gains more success in her work. We hope Molly Wright continues living a blissful life.

Trivia And Facts

  • Molly has over 4K followers on her Instagram.
  • She has a dog named Matilda.
  • Her TED talk was focused on how adults could help develop their children’s IQ.
  • Molly Wright’s IQ must be pretty high, considering how she is a public speaker at such a young age.