Noelle Williams Biography – Daughter Of Andy Williams

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Noelle Williams Biography

Noelle Williams is a former actress and model, best known for being the daughter of late singer Andy Williams. Image Source: Social Media.

  • Birth DateSeptember 24, 1963
  • Birth Name Noelle Christine Williams
  • Age 61
  • Also Known As Noelle Williams
  • Father's Name Andy Williams
  • Mother's Name Claudine Georgette Longet
  • Birth Place Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Birth Sign Libra
  • Nationality American
  • Profession Actress
  • Relationship Status Divorced
  • IMDB

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Noelle Williams is a well-known personality, and the daughter of the personalities like Andy Williams, a famous singer, and Claudine Longet, an actress and singer-dancer.

She has experienced her taste of stardom as an actor and model even though not being much in the spotlight. So, here’s a quick rundown on Noelle Williams, Andy Williams’ daughter.

Was Born To Famous Parents

Noelle Christine Williams was born in Los Angeles, California, on September 24, 1963. As aforementioned, she was born to Andy Williams, a well-known musician and television personality, and his first wife, Claudine Georgette Longet.

Similarly, the former actress grew up with her siblings Christian Jay Williams aka Christian Williams, and Robert Williams, aka Bobby Williams.

Noelle Williams siblings
Noelle Williams is the sister of stuntman Bobby Williams and the late Christian Williams. Image Source: Social Media.

Noelle Williams’s siblings were born in New York and later moved to Aspen. Moreover, Andy Williams’ daughter went to local Aspen High School. Her brother Christian Williams opted to start a teak tree farm, whereas her other sibling Bobby became a stuntman.

Christian sadly passed away in 2019. When he died, he was in Costa Rica, and it was an unfortunate death. Needless to say, Noelle Williams’ family was devastated by their loved one’s death.

Noelle Williams Net Worth & Career

Noelle Williams tried her hand at acting, following in her mother’s footsteps. According to IMDb, Claudine Longet’s daughter has appeared in two films, The Sure Thing and Model Behavior. Moreover, the movie The Sure Thing had a gross collection of $18 million. Hence, even though both films were released in the 1980s, they were commercially successful at the time. Thus, we believe earnings from these projects must have contributed to Noelle Williams’ net worth.

Furthermore, after leaving her professional career, Noelle Williams worked as a model for Wilhelmina Agency. Despite her beauty, the model was unable to break into the profession and become as well-known as other supermodels.

It is unknown what Andy Williams’ daughter Noelle did when she left the entertainment scene for a living. She could have even chosen to live everyday civilian life with a modest job. The former model’s lifestyle and earnings, however, remain a secret to the general public.

It’s also unknown whether the former model received anything from her father’s property after he passed away in 2012. That being said, Noelle’s father, Andy Williams, had a net worth of $45 million. As a result, there has been no factual information on Noelle Williams’ net worth or source of income until now.

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Was Married To A Famous Stuntman

According to the post on Telegraph, Noelle Williams was married to  Keii Johnston, a well-known stuntman. The wedding is supposed to have taken place in 1987. The pair, however, later divorced.

Noelle Williams husband
Andy Williams’ daughter Noelle Williams was married to the stuntman, Keii Johnston. Image source: Social Media.

Moreover, Noelle Williams’ ex-husband has been credited 117 times in IMDb for his stunt projects. Similarly, her ex-spouse has also featured in 4 movie projects.

Is A Mother Of Four

According to the Telegraph, the former actress is the mother of four children. Well, Noelle Williams’ children’s names, however, have not been made public. It’s also unclear whether Keii Johnston is the father of all four children. Regardless of the confusion, Noelle is said to be a wonderful mother who adores her four kids.

The mother of four doesn’t appear to have remarried. We sincerely hope Noelle is content wherever she is and leading a happy and prosperous life.