Rachael Bella Biography – Former Actress And Edward Furlong’s Ex-Wife

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Rachael Bella Bio

Rachael Bella stopped acting when her child was born in 2007. Image Source: Rachael Bella Instagram.

Rachael Bella is a retired American actress famous for her role as Becca Kotler in the famous horror movie The Ring. She appeared in TV shows and films before retiring from acting in 2007. Bella has featured in several well-known series such as Law & Order, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ER, etc.

Bella has had a difficult career as she did not get to reach her full potential and appear in as many movies as she wanted. However, she acted in several movies and shows in her career before deciding to quit. Let’s discuss why she ended her career at such a young age and what she’s been doing now.

Parents Divorced When She Was Little

Rachael Bella Kneeland was born on March 13, 1984, in a small town in South Dakota. Her struggle started in childhood as Rachael Bella’s mother, Wendy Fremstad, and her dad divorced when she was quite young. When Bella was three years old, she moved to New York, where her mom finished college, started graduate school, and found a job to support her.

Rachael Bella's Mother
Rachael Bella’s mom separated from her father and raised Rachael while going to college. Image Source: Rachael Bella’s Instagram.

But, soon after, Rachael Bella’s mom fell ill, and that was when the former actor started looking for a job as well. The mother-daughter duo lived in a very small apartment. But, the most joyous moment of her life was her once-weekly musical theater class.

At eight, Kneeland started signing at her theater school’s recital and soon was approached by several agents. Sometime after that, she began auditioning for movies and shows and her priority became clearer. She was offered a role in the movie¬†Love, Honor & Obey: The Last Mafia Marriage when she was just nine years old. Furthermore, after postponing school, it is not sure if she later resumed her studies.

Rachael Bella Net Worth And Career

Having started her career at such a young age, Bella appeared in back-to-back movies and series in the late 90s. Starring alongside famous actors such as Molina, Daniel Day-Lewis, Vincent D’Onofrio, Winona Ryder, Naomi Watts, and Brian Cox, among others, she had established quite a reputation. However, after leaving acting, she must have been involved in other ventures. Hence, Rachael Bella’s net worth must be adequate.

Moreover, the year 1993 to 2007 was the crucial period in Rachael’s career as she appeared in some top movies such as A Little Princess, The Crucible, and American Gun, among others. With a total of nine films credited to her name, she must have amassed a considerable amount of money. High Hopes and Drive-Thru were her final movies in 2006 and 2007. Aside from movies, Bella appeared in a total of 10 series in her career.

Here’s the table consisting of movies that Rachael has acted in along with box office collections:

Movies Box Office Collections
The Ring (2002) $128.6 million
The Crucible (1996) $7.3 million
Household Saints (1993) $499.8K

Table Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Since a famous actor like Brad Pitt earned around $60,000 for a movie in the 90s, it must have been relatively lower for Rachael. However, she must have made good money from those movies and series since she was a constant presence in the industry. Hence, Rachael Bella’s net worth must be in a good range.

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Troublesome First Marriage

Bella was married to Terminator actor Edward Furlong on April 19, 2006. However, the problems with Edward’s drug abuse and domestic violence led the couple to get divorced in April 2009 citing irreconcilable differences. Rachael Bella’s ex-husband was even alleged to have exposed their six-year-old son Ethan Page Furlong to cocaine.

Rachael Bella's Children
Rachael Bella’s ex-husband, Edward, exposed their son to cocaine. Image Source: Rachael Bella Instagram.

Rachael had filed a restraining order against Furlong after accusing him of domestic violence. Under the supervised phone calls with their son, Rachael Bella’s ex-husband called her names and as a result, their babyboy started acting weird like spitting on the floor, screaming, and yelling. It was a very disturbing behavior to handle for Bella so she had to take over the custody of her son.

Moreover, Rachael Bella’s ex-partner would use derogatory names for her and her new boyfriend at the time when talking to their son. Edward would humiliate the new pair and try to create distance between Ethan and Rachael, however, that backfired and Page started having a negative impact after the phone calls and asked to be left alone later. Edward was later sentenced to six months of prison after both Rachael and his girlfriend Monica Keena complained about him violating the probation period.

Second Husband; Has Three Children

After a traumatic marriage with him, Edward Furlong’s ex-wife started dating WordPress developer Ron Zvagelsky. The couple finally tied the knot on July 30, 2014. Rachael Bella’s second husband Ron has been a great support for the actress as he was with her during the worst period of her life.

Rachael Bella’s partner is the CEO of Presshive, a web development company, and the co-founder of R\nd, a digital marketing organization. Judging by her Instagram, the former actress looks very happy with him and their children.


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Rachael’s son, Ethan was born on September 21, 2006. Furthermore, she gave birth to fraternal twins with her current husband. Rachael Bella’s young children started their first grade in September 2021. The actress often shares adorable pictures with the kids.

Overall, Rachael seems to be leading a good life now with her new husband and three children. Domestic violence can traumatize someone and how she escaped that to fight against Furlong is quite commendable. Let’s hope she is living a happy life now with her family.

Trivia And Facts

  • Bella retired from acting after her first son was born.
  • She has Italian ancestry.
  • She has 1.4K Instagram followers.