Ron Harper Biography – Retired Basketball Player

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Ron Harper's biography

Ron Harper is a former professional basketball career. Image Source: Ron Harper Twitter.

  • Birth DateJanuary 20, 1964
  • Birth Name Ronald Harper Sr.
  • Age 60
  • Height 6'6"
  • Weight 214 lbs
  • Mother's Name Gloretha Harper
  • Birth Place Dayton, Ohio, USA
  • Birth Sign Aquarius
  • Nationality American
  • Profession Basketball Player
  • Net Worth $12 million
  • Partner Bonnie Conklin
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Eye Color Black
  • Children Ron Harper Jr., Dylan Harper
  • Twitter
  • Wikipedia

Ronald Harper Sr., also known as Ron Harper, is a former professional basketball player who had played for different teams in the NBA for 15 years. He is known for being a five-time NBA champion.

Ron has gained significant fame in his basketball career. His fans and followers have always shown interest to know about his personal life. Thus, in this biography, let’s know about Ron Harper’s children, wife, net worth, and many more.

Born And Raised In Dayton

The basketball star was born on January 20, 1964, to Gloretha Harper who raised him as a single mother. There is no information about Ron Harper’s dad.

Ron Harper is the youngest child of a single mother. Image Source: Ron Harper Twitter.

Ron Harper’s brother Donald Harper is his twin, and apart from him, he has four elder siblings whose identity has not been revealed yet.

Harper attended Belmont High School in Dayton. Then, he transferred to Kiser High School and graduated in 1982. Ron attended Miami University.

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Ron Harper, Net Worth – $12 Million

Ron Harper has earned significant fame and fortune to his name. He has been playing for several years now. As per Celebrity Net Worth, Ron Harper’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million. It comprises his earnings from salary, endorsement, and other ventures that he has been involved in.

Ron played collegiate basketball at Miami University in Ohio. He played four seasons there from 1982 to 1986. During his college basketball career, Harper was a consensus second-team All-American, and he even became MAC Player of the Week twice.

In the 1986 NBA Draft, Cleveland Cavaliers drafted him eighth overall in the first round. In November 1986, he made his NBA debut and played with the team for three years until 1989.

Then, Ron played with different teams like  Los Angeles Clippers, Chicago Bulls, and Los Angeles Lakers. He received a significant amount of salary from these teams. The table below shows the salary that he pocketed in his playing career.

Teams Salary (*Amount after inflation)
Los Angeles Clippers $1,365,000 ($2,855,004*)
Los Angeles Clippers $4,000,000 ($7,526,204*)
Chicago Bulls $2,400,000 ($4,405,881*)
Chicago Bulls $4,560,000 ($7,728,844*)
Chicago Bulls $5,280,000 ($8,800,950*)
Los Angeles Lakers $2,000,000 ($3,269,506*)
Los Angeles Lakers $2,200,000 ($3,467,118*)

Source: HoopsHype

The 2000-2001 season was the 15th and final NBA season of Ben. That season, he only played 47 games due to injuries. In his 15 years of career, he earned five championship rings. Being a successful player, Ron must have received many endorsement and sponsorship deals from different brands.

These deals must have helped Harper earn a significant amount. Thus, looking at his earnings, Ron Harper’s net worth of $12 million seems considerable.

Pat Knight is another basketball player who has amassed a significant fortune to his name.

Has Been Married Multiple Times

The basketball star has been married multiple times. However, there is no information about his first spouse. After his first marriage ended, he got married to Maria Harper.

The couple did not share any details about their marital life so very less is known. Unfortunately, the couple is no longer together. It is not known when Ron and Maria got divorced.

Following the separation, the ex-pair have moved on in their respective lives. Furthermore, as per his Twitter post, Ron Harper is currently in a relationship.

Ron Harper’s girlfriend Bonnie Conklin is a nurse. Furthermore, as per a December 2021 tweet, Ron and Bonnie are already married. But the details have not been revealed yet.

Has Four Children

The former basketball player is a doting father of four children. He has a daughter with his first spouse. But there is no information about Ron Harper’s daughter.

It has been reported that, with Maria, Ron has welcomed three children. Ron Harper’s son, Ron Harper Jr., has followed in his footsteps. He plays basketball for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. Ron’s kid Dylan Harper also plays high school basketball at Don Bosco Prep High School.

However, there is no information about the third child of Ron and Maria. Nonetheless, let’s hope the former basketball player opens up about his personal life in the media.