Sarai Burgos Biography – Daughter Of Bernice Burgos

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Sarai Burgos Bio

Sarai Burgos is the youngest daughter of a well-renowned model and entrepreneur, Bernice Burgos. Photo Source: Sarai Burgos' Instagram.

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Bernice Burgos is not a new name in the entertainment industry. She has captivated many audiences with her gorgeous features and remarkable screen presence. In addition, she is a well-renowned model and entrepreneur.

Anyone affiliated with the model certainly can’t evade media attention. So, it’s no surprise to see many interested in Bernice Burgos’ daughter, Sarai Burgos. Furthermore, the young girl likes to keep to herself and rarely appears much in media. So, it further ignites the curiosity of the public about her.

Let’s learn more about this celeb kid’s net worth, career, parents, boyfriend, and more in this biography.

Sarai Burgos Is The Younger Child Of Bernice Burgos

The media personality was born in 2006, ten years after the birth of her elder sibling Ashley Burgos. The latter is an upcoming model and a mother of a baby girl.

Sarai’s niece, India Ava, is an adorable child who first appeared on social media in 2018. She must be very close to her only aunt.

Sarai Burgos’ mother, Bernice, was only fifteen when she gave birth to her older sister, Ashley. She was then kicked out of her grandmother’s house after revealing her pregnancy.

Still, the model raised her babies in a good environment. However, Sarai Burgos’ father has never been part of her life.

There are many reports about Sarai’s dad being abusive. So, her mama, Bernice, likely raised her in a single-parent family.

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Sarai Burgos Net Worth And Career

Sarai is still a teenager and likely goes to school. So, her earnings most likely come from her mom, Bernice. Still, Sarai Burgos’ net worth must be a considerable amount seeing as her mother is a successful entrepreneur.

Speaking of Burgos’ mom, Bernice has starred in music videos of J. Cole, Drake, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and others. In addition, she has been featured in many magazines, namely XXL Eye Candy, KING, The Source, etc.

Similarly, Sarai Burgos’ mama, Bernice, owns a sleepwear brand, Bold & Beautiful LLC. Its clothing items’ prices range from $12 to $60. Moreover, Sarai’s elder sister, Ashley Burgos, also co-owns the brand alongside their mom.

Sarai’s mother, Bernice’s income, benefits from her YouTube channel with 1.18K subscribers. It makes $0.01 – $0.18 monthly and $0.14 – $2 annually.

Sarai Burgos Net Worth
Sarai Burgos’ earnings are heavily dependent on her mom, Bernice Burgos. Photo Source: Sarai Burgos’ Instagram.

ZipRecruiter states a model’s average pay is $60 an hour and $125,457 yearly. Thus, Sarai’s mom, Bernice’s earnings, must be around that range. Her riches must also benefit her daughters and they enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

The young Burgos hasn’t revealed her career interests. She might follow in her mom’s footsteps and pursue a modeling career. If she does then, Sarai Burgos’ net worth will also increase more in the future.

Is Sarai Burgos Dating Anyone?

The celebrity child has been under the media’s radar since she was a toddler. However, she doesn’t enjoy the attention and prefers to lead a private lifestyle. So, Sarai’s dating news is rarely exposed in public.

Burgos’ mom, Bernice, and sister, Ashley, have been subjected to negative criticisms for being a teen mom. So, the teen might have wanted to keep her partner a secret to escape those experiences.


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Likewise, the gorgeous girl’s Instagram account doesn’t hint at her love life. She rarely posts pictures and never of a guy. So, Sarai Burgos’ boyfriend is a mystery among her fans.

Burgos might be single, considering the fewer details of her relationship. However, if she has a partner, she is doing an excellent job maintaining his privacy. Hopefully, she might share more about her dating status in the future.