Selene Vigil-Wilk Biography – Singer And Brad Wilk’s Ex-Wife

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Selene Vigil-Wilk Biography

Selene Vigil is an American singer and musician. Image Source: Social Media.

Selene Vigil Wilk is an American-born singer and musician. During 1990, she was able to form a grunge band alongside Elizabeth Davis, Valerie Agnew, and Stefanie Sargent, named 7 Year Bi*ch. Also, she is renowned drummer Brad Wilk‘s ex-wife.

Moreover, Selene and her then-husband separated after finding out that he was cheating on her. So let’s learn how she handled herself in her darkest days and her personal details in this brief biography.

Selene Vigil-Wilk Net Worth And Career

The co-founder of 7 Year Bi*ch has gained massive popularity and fortune through her musical works. She has released many songs and albums, which helped her gain a significant sum. Thus, Selene Vigil-Wilk’s net worth must be enormous.

Aforementioned, the talented musician formed a grunge band with her band members in 1990. And 1992 saw the release of 7 Year Bi*ch’s first album Sick ‘Em, but Sargent’s passing on June 27 overshadowed the album’s success. Later, the band signed a deal with Atlantic Records in 1995 and released their third album, Gato Negro the following year.

Overall, the punk band released three songs before disbanding in 1997. Afterward, Vigil founded another gothic band, Cistine, in 2000. Her first solo album, That Was Then, was released in 2010. In addition, Brad Wilk’s ex-wife released another album in 2017 named Tough Dance, which includes six songs, namely Down in Flames, My Nightmare, Fire Light, Sha La La, etc.

Furthermore, in the USA, a singer earns up to $49,164 on average a year. So, Selene’s salary might have also been around that range. Hence, Selene Vigil-Wilk’s net worth must be a significant amount. On the other hand, her ex-partner, Brad, has a fortune worth $20 million.

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Her Marriage Ended Due To Infidelity

As already mentioned before, the artist was previously married to Brad Wilk. The ex-duo got married in 2005. Selene Vigil’s ex-husband is the drummer of Rage Against the Machine and has been with the band for several decades now.

The former pair were married for eight years before parting ways. Selene had filed for divorce in 2013 after finding out the drummer had an intimate relationship with a stripper in Las Vegas. Even after the incident, the former lovebirds tried to reconcile and planned to work on their relationship. Things were going well until early 2016.

Unfortunately, Brad again cheated on his spouse with Juliette Lewis while traveling with her band. In one of the interviews, Selene revealed how upon his return, Wilk said he wanted to arrange mediation for her and revealed his moving plans with Juliette.
Later, the music personality asked for $30,124 monthly in spousal support and $17,772 in child support. Additionally, she also requested $50K for a forensic accountant and $100,000 in attorney fees.

As already mentioned Selene’s ex-hubby has moved on. On the contrary, due to her private nature, not much about the songstress’ current love life has been revealed.

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Is Blessed With Two Sons

Talking about Selene and Brad Wilk’s children, they are blessed with two boys. Selene Vigil’s sons are Luka Wilk and Alexander Wilk, born in 2007 and 2009, respectively. The former husband-wife duo has kept their kids away from the media limelight.

Nevertheless, in 2020, Brad posted a picture of Selene and his sons with the caption: Happy Mother’s Day. Ya Done Great.

Selene Vigil-Wilk Children
Selene Vigil-Wilk is blessed with two children. Image Source: Brad Wilk’s Instagram.

Hence, it seems the former Wilk couple are co-parenting just fine and raising their boys together. Hopefully, we will get to learn more about their children in the days ahead.

Is An American Musician

The punk rock singer was born Selene Here Vigil on July 16, 1965, in the USA. Furthermore, she is a very private person and is living a modest lifestyle. Hence, not much information about Selene Vigil Wilk’s parents has been revealed yet.

Additionally, it is unknown if Vigil was raised alone or has siblings. Still, the musician must have had a wonderful upbringing. Talking about her educational qualification, she graduated from Mead High School.

Nonetheless, Selene must be living a peaceful life. She is also rarely active on social media and prefers to stay low-key. Let’s hope she lives a prosperous and healthy life ahead.

Trivia And Facts

  • Selene’s band member, Stefanie Sargent, died of a heroin overdose.
  • She doesn’t seem to be present on Instagram.