Youssef Barber Biography – Talented Hair Stylist

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Youssef Barber Bio

Youssef Barber started cutting hair when he was only 16. Image Source: Youssef Barber Instagram.

Youssef Barber is a famous barber and hair stylist who has served many celebrities from various entertainment industries. He has worked with rappers and NBA players, which has massively earned him recognition in Hollywood. Specializing in natural hairstyle and big chop transition, Youssef has established himself as one of the go-to barbers in the industry.

Despite such a highly-reputed career, many still don’t know much about Youssef’s day-to-day life. Since he has been working as a successful hair stylist for big celeb clients, fans are eager to learn more about how he has maintained his high-profile career with many popular celebrities. So, in this biography, let’s learn more about how Youssef Barber has managed to create an image in the barbering industry.

Parents Moved To US When He Was Eight

Youssef was born on January 6, 1989, to Egyptian parents. The details about his father and mother have not been disclosed yet, but they shifted to the United States when Barber was just eight months old. So the famous celebrity hairstylist has spent his whole life in America and pursued a career in barbering pretty young.

Youssef Barber's mom and dad
Youssef Barber’s parents shifted to the United States when he was only eight. Image Source: Youssef Barber Instagram.

During his adolescence, Youssef started growing interested in hair styling. His father and mother must have observed his fascination with the scissors. When he turned 16, he apprenticed for a local barber and began giving examinations to start his career. He attended the State Board Examinations to receive a Master Barber License and passed the test with flying colors.

Likewise, the Egyptian-born styler has worked with a couple of big names in the industry, and starting young must have helped massively in his career. Moreover, Youssef attended Prince George’s Community College in Largo, Maryland. He received an Associate Degree in General Education.

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Youssef Barber Net Worth And Career

As mentioned earlier, Barber started his career very early on as he started cutting hair when he was a teenager. With such a long career that has seen him grow as a hair stylist, we can assume that Youssef must have amassed a considerable amount of money. Since he also owns his own shop now, Youssef Barber’s net worth must be immense.

Along with working with celebrities such as Chance The Rapper, Quavo, and Offset, Youssef is also the CEO of Diamond Cuts Barber Audio and the founder of Curl Sponge. His other clients include NBA players Jaylen Brown and Jae Crowder. Youssef has employed 13 barbers and two stylists since the shop’s inception. He was rewarded with the GA Best Barbershop in 2021 by GBJ.

Moreover, the American barber has also worked on famous sets of television shows such as Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Ellen Show, Disney, CBS, CNN, David Letterman, and Vice TV, among others. Also, Youssef has worked with some Netflix series and award shows. He also appeared on an instructional DVD named ‘Key To The Game,’ with some of the best barbers in the industry.

The Youssef-founded company also sells chargers and other barber tools, which must be helping him earn. Here are some of the products his company provides alongside their prices:

Product Price
925 Barber Pole $99.95
10” Curved Shears Gold Dipped $64.99
10” Curved Shears Chrome Polished $59.49
7” Curved Shear Gold or Silver $54.99
8.5” Curved Shears $49.99

Table Source: CURLSPONGE

Furthermore, Youssef is quite famous among his fans through his social media handles. He is known as The Dread Butcher and has increased his followers count massively through platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook. With so much engagement, he must have collected a considerable amount of money. Thus, Youssef Barber’s net worth must be a notable figure.

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Proud Father Of Three Sons

While the barber has been quite open about his successful barbering career, he has managed to keep his romantic life under wraps. As a result, Youssef has never revealed any information about his wife or partner; hence, Youssef Barber’s girlfriend remains a mystery.

While the details about his other half remain a secret, Barber is a proud father of three adorable children. Youssef Barber’s first child Ismaeel was born in April 2011. Likewise, his second son, Noor, came into this world in September 2017. His youngest boy is Yaseen, who arrived on February 10, 2022.

Overall, Youssef seems to be living a content life with his children. He has not shared any information about his baby mama, so let’s hope Barber will do that in the future. Let’s wish him all the best for a more successful career in the coming days.

Trivia And Facts

  • Youssef is an advocate for Black Lives Matter.
  • He has 178K followers on Instagram and 992 on Twitter.
  • Youssef was locked up previously.