Anoushka Fisz Biography – Photographer And Dave Stewart’s Wife

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Anoushka Fisz's Bio

Anoushka Fisz is the third wife of the popular musician Dave Stewart. Image Source: Dave Stewart's Instagram.

Dave Stewart was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2022 along with his longtime bandmate Annie Lennox. He has established himself as one of the most successful musicians. In his musical career, he has released several hit albums and singles, which have increased his fame even more.

The musician has been married thrice in his life. He seems to be living a content life with his current wife, Anoushka Fisz. Many have shown curiosity to know about her. Thus, in this biography, we will be learning about her early life, marital life with the songwriter, and kids.

Is Netherlands Native

Dave Martinez’s wife, Anoushka, was born in the Netherlands in October 1969. As per several sites, her nationality is Dutch.

Anoushka Fisz’s mother is Ginette Fisz. Her father was a filmmaker who has already passed away. Moreover, through her late dad, she found power and passion in the creative arts. She also grew up to her mom’s jazzy rhythms. But, it is not sure if she has any siblings or is the single child of her parents.

From an early age, music, art, and photography were a part of Dave Stewart’s wife’s life. Unlike other teens, she was turning the family bathroom into a darkroom during her teenage years. So, did she major in photography courses at college or high school?

Anoushka Fisz Net Worth And Career

As stated earlier, she had an interest in photography from earlier. Giving continuity to her passion, she has made a name for herself in the photography world. Hence, Anoushka Fisz’s net worth mainly comprises her earnings from her photography projects.

Fisz’s early works included photographs of plants and nature. Her artistic practice changed after her father’s demise. Anoushka then directed the camera away from the natural world and towards her. In the late eighties, she learned about dramatic storytelling through the distance to a subject during her apprenticeship in Paris. Her mentor was a photographer named Plichta, who inspired her to create her own collection of portraits.

The Dutch photographer made her debut show at the Mayor Gallery in London, and it was named Alien Sex Mother. Then, in 2001, Anoushka released a very intimate series of works titled It’s Killing Me. in November 2001, she launched the second major solo show of the series in London at Eyestorm’s gallery.

Anoushka Fisz's Net Worth
Anoushka Fisz made her debut show at Mayor Gallery in London. Image Source: Indya Stewart’s Instagram.

Dave Stewart’s wife’s works have been loved by many. Hence, she must have made considerable earnings. A photographer in the UK earns $39,215.81 (£31,618) annually on average. So, Anoushka Fisz’s salary must be a significant amount from her photography sales and exhibitions.

Thus, Anoushka Fisz’s net worth must be a considerable sum. On the other hand, her husband, Dave Stewart has a net worth of $45 million.

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Marital Life With The Musician

As mentioned earlier, Anoushka is the beloved spouse of renowned musician Dave Stewart. Before her, he was married to Siobhan Fahey and Pam Stewart. After his divorce from both women, the singer met the photographer. The pair haven’t revealed how they met and when they began dating.

On August 4, 2001, the couple shared their vows on a beach in the South of France. It was run by people from Mo’orea. Even after all these years of sharing marital life, the lovebirds’ marriage and bond have remained the same.

Anoushka Fisz's Husband Dave Stewart
Anoushka Fisz and Dave Stewart tied the knot in October 2001. Image Source: Dave Stewart’s Instagram.

Furthermore, in August 2013, on the occasion of their 12th wedding anniversary, Anoushka Fisz’s husband surprised her with a trip to the South Pacific to renew vows. He had the deck of the yacht decorated with lush green foliage and fine white sand. It must have been a lovely ceremony attended by their daughters and friends.

Shares Two Kids With Her Husband

Anoushka and her spouse have welcomed two children into their lives. Her elder kid, Kaya Stewart, was born on February 28, 2000, followed by her sister, Indya Stewart, two years later. Furthermore, Anoushka Fisz’s daughters have followed in their dad’s footsteps and are singers.

In addition, Dave Stewart’s wife is a doting stepmom to his two sons, Sam Stewart and Django Stewart, from his ex-wife, Siobhan. All the kids grew up together in Los Angeles, California. Nonetheless, Anoushka is close with her step-children, and they all seem to have a wonderful bond.


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All in all, the renowned photographer must be living a wonderful life with her children and hubby. She must be enjoying a comfortable lifestyle, all thanks to her and her husband’s staggering net worth. Hopefully, she gains more peace and success in her life.