Fabienne Wohlwend Biography – Three-Time W Series Competitor

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Fabienne Wohlwend Bio

Fabienne Wohlwend has been racing since she was seven. Image Source: Fabienne Wohlwend Instagram.

Fabienne Wohlwend is a rising female racing driver from Liechtenstein. She also competes in the W Series and has produced good performances over the years. After entering car racing in 2016, Wohlwend has not looked back and has been on the top of her game for over half a decade.

Having progressed a lot in the last couple of years or so, people are eager to learn more about Wohlwend’s details and what she does in her day-to-day life. Hence, in this biography, let’s talk more about how Fabienne has managed to emerge in the scenes of the W Series.

Very Supportive Father

Fabienne was born on November 7, 1997, to Liechtenstein parents Edwin Wohlwend and Rita Wohlwend. Fabienne Wohlwend’s father introduced her to racing at the age of seven, along with her older brother Raphael Wohlwend.

When her brother got the go-kart, Wohlwend and her father joined him and went to test on a karting track in Switzerland. Fabienne doubted herself at first, wondering if it was for girls, but her dad and sibling helped her try it. After a few laps, she asked her dad to get a kart for her seventh birthday. Even her mother chimed in later to support the kids.

Fabienne Wohlwend's Dad
Fabienne Wohlwend’s father used to take her and her brother racing when she was seven. Image Source: Fabienne Wohlwend Instagram.

Moreover, Fabienne Wohlwend’s brother stopped racing when he was a teenager. As Raphael and Edwin challenged each other, the female racer was more into racing and tried it out for herself. She recalls how her father never stopped encouraging her as he watched her every single race while being with her on the track.

Wohlwend attended the Canton of St Gallen Vocational and Further Education Center in Buchs, Switzerland. While she was competing as a professional go-kart racer in Zurich, Fabienne also worked as a compliance officer for the VP Bank AG. She left her work as a banker to pursue a full-time racing career in 2019.

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Fabienne Wohlwend Net Worth And Career

Having worked in the bank for three years and then pursuing a sporting career, Fabienne must have made a significant amount of money. She garnered experience when she was seven and utilized it well when she decided to get into racing as a full-time career. With all the wins and achievements in the last couple of years, Fabienne Wohlwend’s net worth must be massive.

Wohlwend made her racing debut in 2016 after being successful in junior kart racing in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Her debut came in the Italian F4 Championship with Aragon Racing. However, she failed to score any points and finished 11th in the season’s final race. Moreover, Fabienne won the women’s trophy since she was the only woman to compete in the championship.

Likewise, a year later, the racer competed in the Audi Sport TT Cup and the Ferrari Challenge European Championship. Fabienne became the first woman to win a race for the Prancing Horse in the Coppa Shell class. Then she moved to the Trofeo Pirelli Division of the Ferrari Challenge as a professional driver in 2018. She had the best finish of her career as she won the Pro-Am class of the Trofeo Pirelli Race, becoming the first female world champion on four wheels.

Here are some of Fabienne Wohlwend’s stats:

Year Races Wins Podiums
2016 20 0 0
2017 20 1 5
2018 15 4 11
2020 12 1 11
2021 11 0 3

Table Source: Driverdb

Moreover, Fabienne was selected as a part of the 2022 W Series lineup. The lineup features racers such as Bianca BustamanteJamie Chadwick, Tereza Babickova, among others.

According to Salary.com, a banker has a base salary of $70,000. So, as an intern, she must have amassed considerably. Furthermore, she has been a constant part of the W Series, and the winner of the competition can earn $500,000, while the remaining $1 million from the total prize is distributed among the contestants. So, Fabienne must have earned a good sum from that.

Thus, Fabienne Wohlwend’s net worth must be of a commendable sum, looking at her racing career.

Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Even though she is a famous person, the details about the 5′ 4″ tall racer’s love life have not been revealed yet. As she is a successful racer, fans are curious to know about Fabienne Wohlwend’s partner.

The professional racer mostly shares pictures of her race and her friends on social media. Fabienne Wohlwend’s boyfriend is a mystery to the public. However, anyone she is dating must be lucky to be her partner.

Nevertheless, Fabienne is living a grand and comfortable life with her friends and family. With success following her at such a young age, one can expect her to keep winning in the future. Let’s hope she shares personal details of her life someday.

Trivia And Facts

  • Fabienne is statistically the most successful racing driver in Liechtenstein history.
  • She has 55.2K followers on Instagram and 6.8K on Twitter.