Kristen Tomassi Biography – Richard Branson’s Ex-Wife

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Kristen Tomassi's Bio

Kristen Tomassi is the ex-wife of Richard Branson. Image Source: Kristen Tomassi's Instagram.

  • Birth Name Kristen Tomassi
  • Father's Name Joseph J. Tomassi Jr.
  • Mother's Name Jacqueline Tomassi
  • Birth Place Southport, Connecticut, USA
  • Nationality American
  • Partner Axel Ball
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Eye Color Hazel
  • Hair Color Blonde
  • Children Galen Ayers, Nicholas Ball
  • Instagram

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, also known as Richard Branson, is a business tycoon and billionaire of British nationality. He is best recognized for having founded the Virgin Group in the 1970s. With all being said about his professional career, Branson is a loving husband and a doting father.

However, the businessman’s marital life was not always a huge success. Before marrying his present wife, he was married to Kristen Tomassi. The bond brought Kristen to the limelight, and many are curious to learn about her.

Thus, in this biography, learn more about Kristen, including her personal life, net worth, and many more.

Born To A Businessman

Kristen was born in 1972 in Southport, Connecticut, USA. She grew up with her three sisters, Merril Delaney, Jacquelyn Richardson, and Lowell McHugh.

Kristen Tomassi’s father, Joseph J. Tomassi Jr., was a specialist in mergers and acquisitions and an industrial executive. He was involved in different business ventures and opened his own company, North American Matric Ltd., in Milford, Connecticut. Sadly, Kristen’s dad, who also went by Joseph H. Tomassi, passed away in 1990.

Kristen Tomassi’s mom, Jacqueline Tomassi, is an artist. In September 2019, she put up her arts for exhibition. Kristen, along with her sisters, attended the exhibition opening.


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Richard Branson’s ex-wife attended Concord Academy. Then, she went to Fairfield University. Furthermore, she attended the Parsons School of Design in New York, followed by the Arizona State School of Architecture.

Kristen Tomassi Net Worth And Career

Kristen mainly came into the limelight after marrying Richard Branson. But there’s no information about her profession yet. Still, it can be assumed that Kristen Tomassi’s net worth must be a considerable sum.

The blonde beauty has kept most of her details hidden from the media limelight. But going through her Instagram, we can see her sharing several pictures of organic foods. She tags the posts to the account of a rental villa, Finca Son Salas.

Could it be Kristen owns the vacation home? Nevertheless, she must be earning significantly from her work. On the other hand, Kristen Tomassi’s ex-husband, Richard Branson, has a fortune worth $5 billion. He has accumulated an immense net worth from his business ventures.

Richard and Kristen divorced each other after being married for seven years. While divorcing, the Brtish entrepreneur must have paid a significant amount of spousal support. But, the exact amount of alimony has not been revealed yet.

Nevertheless, let’s hope Kristen opens up about her profession in the coming days, and we can unravel the mystery regarding Kristen Tomassi’s net worth.

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Kristen Is Married Thrice

Kristen’s marital life has not always been smooth. She had to go through two failed marriages before marrying her current hubby.

On July 22, 1972, Kristen walked down the aisle with Richard Branson. Their Anglican wedding ceremony was held in Holy Cross Church in Shipton-on-Cherwell and was performed by Rev. Hubert McCann.

However, their conjugal life could not last long as several issues arose since they married. In his autobiography, Losing My Virginity, Kristen Tomassi’s ex-husband revealed that they had a strange sexual allergy to each other. A painful rash that would take almost three weeks to heal would appear on her ex-beau’s body whenever they made love.

Despite seeking help from doctors, the situation did not improve. Eventually, in 1979, the couple divorced each other. After her first marriage ended, Tomassi got married to Kevin Ayers. But the marital life could not last long as her second husband could not provide the kind of security she wanted.

Then, Kristen exchanged the vows with Axel Ball, who is a German property developer.

Kristen Tomassi's Husband Axel Ball
Axel Ball is the third husband of Kristen Tomassi. Image Source: Kristen Tomassi’s Instagram.

Moreover, Kristen Tomassi’s husband also worked with her ex-spouse, Richard. The couple’s marriage is going strong after all these years of being married. The duo lives a wonderful life in Mallorca, Soller.

Maureen McGuire is another celebrity who went through a failed marriage.

Doting Mother Of Two Children

Richard Branson’s ex-wife is a doting mother of two kids. She and Branson did not have any babies. The allergy might be the reason behind that. They also did not adopt any kids.

With her second husband, Kristen welcomed a daughter, Galen Ayers. Kristen Tomassi’s daughter is pursuing a career in the music industry. She enjoys a blissful marital life with her hubby, Stephen James Hopkins.

Kristen gave birth to a son, Nicholas Ball, with her spouse, Axel Ball. He is a real estate agent and is married to Nadine Hawa. Furthermore, she is a loving grandmother to her son’s children, Adriana Ball, and Alexander Ball.

Thus, Kristen seems to be living a wonderful life with her husband and kids. She must be earning considerably from her work. Furthermore, her mom and sisters must be enjoying blissful life with her.

We hope Richard Branson’s ex-wife continues living a happy life in the future.