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Miles McKenna Bio

Miles McKenna is a famous YouTuber. Image Source: Miles McKenna's Biography

Miles McKenna is an openly transgender American actor, vlogger, and LGBTQIA+ advocate and is among one of the most famous trans content creators on YouTube. He started making confessional-styled videos on YouTube in 2011 and began spreading awareness of social issues.

Miles, who identifies as a transgender male, does commentary videos on gender identity and LGBTQIA+ awareness on YouTube. Having gone through several health-related issues, he has also talked about how being born into a religious family has shaped his life.

Let’s discuss more about Miles’ rise to popularity, family, career, net worth, and love life.

He Was Thrown Out Of His House

Miles was born into a strict religious household on November 2, 1995. As a result, he faced difficulty dealing with his own sexual identity at first.

The YouTube personality was brought up in Los Angeles, California, by a strict family who could not accept his new-discovered non-binary identity. He was booted out of his own house by his father, who Miles does not talk to up to this day. Also, he has a brother named Alex McKenna.

McKenna wrote a coming-out book, Out!: How to Be Your Authentic Self. It talks about how harshly his parents treated him when he first came out as gay in 2015. He authored the book to spread awareness about being okay with one’s gender identity.

When Miles first came out to his parents, they responded by reciting the Bible verses. Those hurtful actions sent him to a very sad place, and he later left his home. Later in 2017, he came out as a trans male. The YouTuber then changed his name to Miles Aaron McKenna.

Miles McKenna’s mother has accepted his transition and has a good relationship with him now.

Miles McKenna Family
Miles McKenna’s mother has accepted his transition. Image Source: Miles McKenna’s Instagram.

The young guy also went through a difficult transition period when figuring out his gender. He initially hated being seen as a girl. Moreover, the media person mentions how he used to feel out of place, not being sure of who he was. He often criticizes people who deadname the LGBTQIA community.

Moreover, Miles started a YouTube channel in 2011, which helped how he transitioned later on. He used the platform to make confession videos that he could not share with his family.

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Miles McKenna Net Worth And Career

The social media personality has gained a lot of followers from his YouTube career and has featured in other ventures. So, Miles McKenna’s net worth primarily comprises his earnings from his YouTube channel.

The social media star has been on YouTube for more than a decade now, so we can assume he has amassed a considerable amount from it. Moreover, he has a whopping 1.15 million subscribers and has a total view of over 137 million. As per Social Blade, McKenna’s estimated YouTube earnings is $22 – $356 monthly and $267 – $4.3K yearly.

The YouTuber started his video-making journey with comedy skits back in the early ’10s. That style gave him quite a reputation that is prevalent to this very day. Furthermore, McKenna still makes those types of content and has collected millions of views. His followers also seem to enjoy his vlogs.

Likewise, Miles also uses Instagram to promote brands that add more to his fortune. Most of his followers seem to enjoy his vlogs and when he shares an experience about his identity and spreads awareness.

Aside from that, Mckenna makes income from his merch sales. Some of the products and their prices are listed below:

Merch Price
Fabulous Hoodie $50
Heaven Speckle Hoodie $49.95
I Make My Parents Sad T-Shirt $25
Mom Gender T-Shirt $25
Devil Face Mask $15

Table Source: Miles McKenna’s Official Website 

Aside from that, the YouTube personality released his first single, ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ on Spotify on October 12, 2020. Of course, his book sales of Out!: How to Be Your Authentic Self ($12.99) must also add to his fortune.

The vlogger was a significant part of two nationwide tours that covered thirty-five shows. He also starred in the Hulu comedy show ‘Grad Night’ in 2017 and the second season of ‘Now We Are Talking’ a year later. Also, he appeared in a scripted drama series titled ‘Guilty Party’ alongside bisexual YouTuber Jessie Paege in 2017.

Thus, Miles McKenna’s net worth must be a notable amount.

Is Miles McKenna Dating Anyone?

Some sites claim that Miles started dating drag queen Jonnie Reinhart in 2021. But neither Miles nor Jonnie have confirmed it. Instead, they seem very secretive about their love life on social media profiles. Hence, information about Mckenna’s dating life is pretty scarce.

However, the social media personality was previously in a relationship. Miles McKenna’s ex-girlfriend Amy Ordman is also a YouTuber, and they dated until 2017. Moreover, during the ex-pair’s relationship, Miles had yet to transition into trans male, whereas Amy had already identified as a lesbian.

Despite having called off the affairs, the ex-couple seem to be good friends.

Miles McKenna's Ex-girlfriend Amy Ordman
Miles McKenna and his ex-girlfriend Amy Ordman are still good friends. Image Source: Miles McKenna’s Instagram.

So, who is Miles McKenna’s partner, or is he dating anyone now? The question remains to be answered.

Nonetheless, Miles is pleased and comfortable with his life right now. He is very proud of himself and has accepted who he is. So, let’s hope he can keep inspiring the people around him and continue making excellent content.