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Peter Sciberras' bio

Peter Sciberras is a film editor. Image Source: Social Media.

Last updated on March 26th, 2022 at 03:32 pm

Peter Sciberras is an editor from Australia. He has gained significant fame from different movies that he has worked on. Furthermore, he has also accumulated numerous prestigious awards and accolades.

Peter has, however, remained quiet about his personal life and has not revealed many details in the media. So, with his growing fame, many are curious to know about him. Thus, in this biography, let’s know in detail about Peter Sciberras’ wife, parents, and many more.

Son Of Maltese Immigrants

Peter Sciberras is mostly known for his spectacular editing skills in the 2021 movie The Power of the Dog. Despite gaining worldwide prominence, the birth details of the editor have not been revealed yet.

Furthermore, Peter Sciberras’ parents are Maltese immigrants as they moved to Australia from Malta. But his dad-mom’s identity is a big secret. In addition, Peter once revealed that he grew up in not-so-creative, a very blue-collar neighborhood.

Peter Sciberras' parents
Peter Sciberras’ parents moved to Australia from Malta. Image Source: Social Media.

Moreover, it is not known which university Peter attended after he completed high school. But he mentioned getting a marketing degree once. To sum up, despite sharing a few tidbits, Peter is still very secretive about his life.

Peter Sciberras Net Worth And Earnings

As mentioned earlier, the Australian film editor is known for his works on different films that have become a huge hit. Hence, there’s no doubt that Peter Sciberras’ net worth must be of a considerable sum.

As stated above, Peter received a marketing degree from the university and then worked in advertising for some time. He even studied and thought about doing something in the art department as he was into drawing and design. But he understood that he loved the editing section more.

Peter started working as an editor by working on music videos of his friend. Then, he called all the editors in Melbourne and started interning, and even stopped all other retail jobs that he had.

In 2009, Peter edited a short movie, The Pistachio Effect, and went on to edit four other short films. His first film in which he worked as an editor was Hail. Then, he served as an editor in different films like The Rover, War Machine, The King, etc.

The movie that gave him a huge break is the 2021 film The Power of the Dog starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Jesse Plemons, Kirsten Dunst, and Kodi Smit-McPhee. The movie made a box office collection of $251.5K worldwide.

Peter has also worked as an editor in two of the episodes of Mr Inbetween. Similarly, he has also completed a documentary, Fire Front. Apart from being an editor, Peter has also produced the 2015 short movie Markers.

A film editor in the USA earns $49,359 annually as an average base salary. So, Peter must have earned considerably in all these years of his professional career. As a result, Peter Sciberras’ net worth must be a huge sum.

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Who Is Peter Sciberras’ Girlfriend?

Peter Sciberras has undoubtedly gained significant fame, fortune, and success in his career as a film editor. Sciberras has been nominated for numerous prestigious awards and has also won some.

But, even after being at the center of the media attention, the film editor has kept his personal life away from the media. Peter has not talked about his love life and partner. As a result, there’s no information about Peter Sciberras’ girlfriend.

It is unknown if Sciberras is single or he is seeing someone. But we can assume that anyone dating a handsome and hard-working film editor like him is really fortunate.

Furthermore, like his partner, there’s no information about Peter Sciberras’ children. Similarly, another film editor, Hank Corwin has also kept much of his life away from the media.

Nonetheless, Peter must be living a wonderful life away from media scrutiny. Let’s hope he opens up more about himself, and we get more information about his personal life. We wish him a successful future.