Shane Sewell Biography – Former TNA Referee And Wrestler

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Shane Sewell Bio

Shane Sewell won more than 40 titles in his wrestling career. Image Source: Social Media.

Popularly known as Glamour Boy Shane, the Canadian former wrestler Shane Sewell is a 10-time champion of the International Wrestling Association’s (IWA) Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship. He is one of the most highlighted wrestlers in Canada and has been working as a referee for over a decade now.

Shane won 44 titles in his illustrious career, including a WWL World Heavyweight Championship. Since he has been working as a referee for a while now, people are curious to know what he has been doing in his day-to-day life. Thus, let’s take a look at Shane Sewell’s family, career, and net worth in this article.

Achieved Success Early On

Shane was born on September 5, 1972, to Canadian parents in Toronto, Ontario. The famous wrestler has not revealed any information about his family as he seems to be secretive. Nevertheless, Shane Sewell’s father and mother must have been supportive of his career.

Shane Sewell's Parents
Shane Sewell(R) is pretty secretive about his private life and has not revealed anything about his parents. Image Source: Shane Sewell’s Facebook.

Sewell debuted in 1989 in his homecountry and soon formed a tag team with Glamour Bou Sean as the Canadian Glamour Boys. They won the WWC World Tag Team Championship twice before going their separate ways. After that, the referee clinched three WWC Television Championships. Also, Sewell teaming up with Ricky Santana, won his third tag team title.

Sewell then debuted in the IWA and became the first World Heavyweight Champion on October 28, 2000. After a series of ups and down with the association over a few years, he tagged team with Ricky Vega before becoming the IWA champion again.

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Shane Sewell Net Worth And Career

The former wrestler has enjoyed success since his debut in the late 1980s. With such a long career that has seen him showcase his talents as a wrestler and then as a referee, one can assume that Shane has amassed a significant amount of wealth. Hence, Shane Sewell’s net worth must be massive.

The referee won 23 IWA titles and 20 WWC tournaments, including two Intercontinental Heavyweight Championships. Likewise, he achieved even more fame after ranking 224th among the top 500 singles wrestlers in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 in 2011. That must have significantly boosted his income.

The 6′ 0″ tall athlete was hired by the TNA to help develop and train upcoming wrestlers while also working as a referee on iMPACT! in 2008. He quickly gained recognition after having multiple altercations with Sheik Abdul Bashir. It all started after Shane clotheslined Bashir after the latter’s attack.

The feud continued during Bashir’s fight with Eric Young, in November 2008. Sheik attacked Sewell which resulted in him removing his referee shirt and shoving the wrestler down to the floor. The aftermath became Young pinning down Bashir and winning the title. Furthermore, after another confrontation with the wrestler, the referee was fired on January 8, 2009, but the association announced that the two would be fighting in an event.

Shane also had a series of confrontations with superstars such as Booker T and Kurt Angle, among others, but was released from the company on May 22, 2009. He joined the WWC again and took part in the Puerto Rico Heavyweight and Universal Heavyweight Championships bouts. After that, he only focused on his refereeing career.

With all the success from the projects, Sewell has managed to set quite a reputation for himself. He also owns and operates a wrestling school in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Likewise, an average salary of a wrestling referee is $50,000 to $70,000, so Shane must earn around that range. Thus, Shane Sewell’s net worth must be immense.

Scott Armstrong is another wrestling referee with a massive income.

Does Shane Sewell Have A Wife?

The former wrestler seems pretty secretive about his personal life. Also, he only uses Facebook and posts mostly about his wrestling interests. But, there have been several speculations about Sewell’s spouse.

Nevertheless, as per Slam, Shane Sewell’s wife co-runs their wrestling school in Puerto Rico. Also, any details regarding their marriage and children are pretty scarce. Hopefully, Shane will talk about his marital life someday.

Nevertheless, the former wrestler seems to be living a happy and content life. Let’s hope he can keep doing that and be even better at his refereeing job.

Trivia And Facts

  • Shane won IWA Hardcore Championship seven times.
  • He was featured in TNA Genesis in 2009.