Stephen Maguire Biography – Scottish Snooker Player

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Stephen Maguire's Bio

The snooker player Stephen Maguire turned professional in 1998. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

  • Birth DateMarch 13, 1981
  • Birth Name Stephen Maguire
  • Age 43
  • Also Known As On Fire; Maverick
  • Height 5' 6''
  • Weight 182 lb
  • Mother's Name Margaret Maguire
  • Birth Place Glasgow, Scotland
  • Birth Sign Pisces
  • Nationality Scottish
  • Profession Snooker Player
  • Partner Sharon Maguire
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Children 3
  • Twitter
  • Wikipedia

Stephen Maguire is a professional snooker player who originally is from Scotland. He has won several major tournaments and is best known for winning UK Championship in 2004. He has reached the finals of that event twice since then.

All thanks to his exemplary career stats, the snooker player has gained significant fame. But very little is known about his personal life. Thus, let’s take a look at Stephen Maguire’s net worth, career, wife, and children in this biography.

Maguire Hated School

The snooker star was born on March 13, 1981, and was raised in Glasgow, Scotland. He was passionate about playing snooker from quite a young age, so he started practicing it earnestly.

Maguire attended Turnbull High School, where he was a member of the school’s snooker club. He loved playing at the club, and his eagerness in practicing the game led him to beat older players. Yet, he dreaded going to school.

Stephen Maguire's Childhood
Stephen Maguire attended Turnbull High School but dreaded attending the classes. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The snooker pro wasn’t great at academics and would not turn up to his lessons quite often. Stephen even got in trouble with his mother, Margaret Maguire, for skipping classes. However, the young man’s love and passion for snooker reached his mom, and Margaret gradually came to accept it.

On the other hand, Stephen Maguire’s father supported his snooker playing from the start. The former’s grandparents even went as far as knocking down a wall at their home in Glasglow to make a snooker room to show their support for him.

Maguire has a sister who must have been supportive and proud of his achievements.

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Stephen Maguire Net Worth And Career

The Scottish pro made his professional debut in 1998. Before that, he competed in regional snooker competitions and won multiple local tournaments. The brilliant skills that he showcased before and after turning pro led him to be qualified for the UK Championship in 1999.

Although Maguire couldn’t bag any wins in the first few years, he improved and grew each season. He eventually earned his first ranking title at the 2004 European Open, beating the renowned English snooker player Jimmy White.

The Glasgow native went on to get a Triple Crown win at the 2004 UK Championship by defeating another popular snooker star, David Gray. Since then, Maguire has acquired many victories, including the 2020 Tour Championship defeating Mark Allen.

Stephen Maguire’s net worth is greatly influenced by his professional playing career. Considering his long and successful profession in snooker, the player must be accumulating quite a lot. Furthermore, Maguire was one of the top 16 in the snooker world rankings from 2005 to 2016 for eleven consecutive years.

The table below shows Stephen Maguire’s prize money in the 2021-2022 season, as per CueTracker.

Tournament Prize Money
2022 World Championship $62,651.25 (£50,000)
2022 Masters $18,795.37 (£15,000)
2021 World Grand Prix $15,662.81 (£12,500)
2021 UK Championship $15,036.30 (£12,000)

Table Source: CueTracker

In addition, the snooker pro previously earned a huge amount of $325,786.50 (£260,000) for his 2020 Coral Tour Championship victory. Snooker Database estimates Stephen’s total career earnings to be $2,630,757.31 (£2,099,525).

Besides his income from the prize money, the veteran player must be getting a significant amount from his various endorsement deals and sponsorships. Therefore, Stephen Maguire’s net worth must be a remarkable figure as a professional snooker player.

Similarly, Yan Bingtao is another well-known snooker player with a notable net worth.

Is A Married Man

The sportsman has been in the limelight for being one of the top snooker players. Due to this, his fans have been curious about his romantic relationships and who his partner is.

Well, talking about his love life, Maguire is happily married to his dear wife, Sharon Maguire. Sharon is his biggest supporter and number one fan.

Stephen Maguire's Wife Sharon Maguire
Stephen Maguire is married to his wife Sharon Maguire. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

It seems the couple prefers to keep their married life private. Due to this, there are not many known facts about how and when the pair first met and started dating each other.

Stephen Maguire’s wife, Sharon, is credited for keeping him humble and grounded. The snooker pro had a habit of smashing his cue if he lost; however, he stopped thanks to his partner’s home counseling. Sharon has helped him restrain his temper.

The smitten couple’s marriage is still going strong. Nonetheless, let’s hope the pair’s bond remains the same forever.

Has Welcomed Three Children

The happily married couple shares three lovely kids together. However, there isn’t much information about Stephen Maguire’s children. It seems the snooker player and his spouse are raising the little ones away from media scrutiny.

From what we could find, the veteran snooker player prioritizes his family over anything. For instance, he withdrew from the 2011 Players Tour Championship finals so that he could be present at his youngest child’s birth.

Let’s hope we get to learn more about the sportsman’s wife and kids in the future. Furthermore, Stephen’s dad and mom must be extremely proud of his achievements. As he is still active in his profession, there’s no doubt that Stephen’s earnings will ascend in the coming days.

We wish the professional snooker player a successful career ahead.