Tom Sawyer Biography – Professional Darts Player

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Tom Sawyer Bio

Tom Sawyer is a very successful and renowned dart player. Image Source: Tom Sawyer's Facebook.

Playing darts was often popular in pubs and taverns worldwide as a recreational activity. But presently, darts or dart-throwing is emerging as a competitive sport. Tom Sawyer is a dart player or dartist who has established a good name in the sports industry. He has won various darts championships and gained immense success throughout his career.

Tom is currently competing in World Darts Federation events. Furthermore, the professional player is hugely popular among darts enthusiasts. As a result, many of his fans might be curious about his personal life. So, let’s explore his net worth, career, family, wife, and children in this short biography.

Tom Sawyer Childhood

On October 14, 1969, Tom, aka Thomas Sawyer, was born in Peabody, Massachusetts. Tom Sawyer’s parents are Charles W. Sawyer and Helen M. Sawyer. He grew up in Bantry, County Cork in Ireland, with his siblings Jim A. Sawyer and Janice Noyes. Unfortunately, Tom’s elder brother passed away in March 1995. Sadly, he lost his beloved mother as well in August 2015.

The award-winning dart player attended The Peterson School and studied Heating and A/C there. Despite his technical field of study, he established a career in sports that he loved. He is presently one of the most accomplished and well-known dart players globally.

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Tom Sawyer Net Worth And Career

The Peabody native has made an impressive career out of something he started for fun. During high school, he started playing darts with his friends as an adventure and hobby. Now, he has played the sport for almost three decades. It must have added fortunes to Tom Sawyer’s net worth.

Tom is widely popular as ‘Todays’ in the competitive darts world. He is a right-handed dartist who lies at 125th place in the men’s ranking of WDF. Additionally, he has competed in numerous tournaments over the years and has won vast amounts of prize money. Here are some of his winning games and their prize amounts.

Date Tournament Category Prize
22/01/2017 Las Vegas Open WDF 1 (Semi-Final) $325
08/04/2017 ADO White Mountain Shootout BDO D (Winner) $500
25/03/2018 Virginia Beach Dart Classic BDO C (Quarter-Final) $170
04/11/2018 Colorado Open WDF 3 (Final) $400
03/11/2019 Colorado Open WDF 2 (Quarter-Final) $100

Table Reference: Darts Database

Looking at his successful playing career, one can assume that the American dartist is living a comfortable life with all his earnings. Tom is the Vice President of Minute Man Dart League, the world’s largest steel-tip dart league. He represented America on numerous occasions associated with the ADO. Furthermore, he was elected president of the American Darts Organization in 2021.

Tom has been playing darts since 1994. He has competed with famous dart players like Danny Lauby II, Dalton Hawksworth, Kevin Yasenchak, Jason Brandon, Jeff Smith, Joe Chaney, etc. Regarding his international games, Sawyer went to the quarter-final of the WDF World Cup Singles in 2012. In the 2017 BDO World Darts Championship, he had qualified but lost 0-3 to Paul Logan in the preliminary round.

On his website, Tom Sawyer Amusements, he sells second-hand equipment like dart boards and dart tables. Some of the items and their prices are listed below:

  1. Valley Dart Board W/O Ernie – $500
  2. Valley Dart Board With Ernie – $600
  3. Valley Dart Board Cougar HB – $900
  4. Valley Dart Board Cougar 8 – $1000
  5. Valley Pool Tables Galaxy 2.5 – $1500

Hence, Sawyer must have earned significantly from the sales of the items too. A player can earn different amounts considering their experience and wins. Therefore, Tom Sawyer’s net worth must be a significant sum based on his rankings and career wins.

His Relationship Status Is Single

On his Facebook, Tom has kept his relationship status as single. Moreover, he has not disclosed much about his love life, relationships, and girlfriends. So, the information about Tom Sawyer’s partner remains a mystery. The sportsman does not seem to have any kids as well. However, he has shared a few pictures of himself with a young boy who happens to be the son of his colleague.

Tom Sawyer Relationship
On Facebook, Tom Sawyer’s relationship status is single. Image Source: Tom Sawyer’s Facebook.

Tom has competed in various national and international games representing America. Presently, he is focused on the development of American dart leagues. Furthermore, with the new responsibilities that he has taken, he must be working really hard. The dart player is now lending his experience to developing darts as a professional sport, in addition to his successful playing career.

Facts And Trivia

  • Tom’s hobbies are gardening and yard work.
  • He is a big food lover.
  • In his backyard, he grows a variety of vegetables.