Nicholas Britell Biography – Music Composer And Pianist

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Nicholas Britell Bio

Nicholas Britell is a music composer and pianist who has worked on many successful movies. Image Source: Social Media.

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Music is one of the essential parts of any project, including movies and television shows. Composers like Nicholas Britell have made soundtracks that become something fans remember years after a project is released into the world.

We know that Nicholas is a celebrated musician, having worked in numerous successful movies over the years. But today, let’s look at Britell’s family, net worth, wife, and children.

Grew Up In A Jewish Family

The talented composer was born Nicholas Jonathan Britell in New York City on October 17, 1980, to a Jewish family. He grew up with his younger sibling, Alexander Britell, and was raised in a music-oriented family. Nicholas Britell’s brother is fluent in six Near Eastern Languages and is now married and a father of one.

Furthermore, Nicholas Britell’s parents, Andrea Britell and Peter Britell, helped foster a love for music in him. Peter used to play Mozart recordings to young Nicholas for him to get to sleep. Andrea herself was a child actress in musical theater and supported her son in his ventures.

Well, the support paid off as at age 14, Nicholas attended Juilliard School’s Pre-College Division and became a piano performance graduate. He also enrolled at Hopkins School and graduated from the college preparatory school in 1999.


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In addition, Nick Britell is a Phi Eta Kappa graduate of the reputed Harvard University. He studied psychology and even shared a class with future Oscar winner Natalie Portman.

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Nicholas Britell  Net Worth And Earnings

While music was a big part of his life, the New York native did not see stability in the field. So, he sought out a career in Wall Street and became the COO of his hedge fund.

Therefore, apart from his music career, Nicholas Britell’s net worth is also influenced by his earnings from his previous Wall Street job. However, Nick has since left his hedge fund days behind and now has established himself as one of the most successful composers in Hollywood.

Nicholas first found fame due to his performance in Natalie Portman directed short film Eve in 2008. He then worked in the music department of several movies, tv shows, and short films over the years.

Furthermore, Nick started his journey as a composer from the 2013 movie 12 Years a Slave. He has since composed for many other successful films and television shows, including the HBO show Succession.

Below are some of the movies that Nicholas Britell worked in and their respective box-office collection.

Movies Box-office Collection
12 Years a Slave $187 million
If Beale Street Could Talk $20.5 million
The Big Short $133.4 million
Moonlight $65.33 million
Vice $76 million
Don’t Look Up $791K

Well, it is evident that many of the movies that Nick has been a part of did well at the box office. Therefore, Nicholas Britell’s earnings from them must have been significant. In addition, his compositions are also available on various streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, which helps him earn a considerable sum.

Moreover, as per The Comparably, a film composer earns around $35K per year on average. But since he has composed for many hit films, Nicholas Britell’s net worth must have heavily benefitted from his earnings.

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Nicholas Britell Is A Married Man

Not only has the musician found success in his career, but he also lives a charmed life with his partner of many years. Nicholas is married to his long-term sweetheart, Caitlin Sullivan. The couple has been together for several years, as evident by Caitlin’s pictures on Nick’s Instagram dating back to the early 2010s.

Nicholas Britell’s wife, Caitlin, is also a sought-out-musician who has played the music of and with many contemporary music ensembles. She is a talented cellist and has performed with groups such as The Knights, IRIS Orchestra, and Decoda, to name a few.

Nicholas Britell's wife, Caitlin Sullivan
Like him, Nicholas Britell’s wife, Caitlin Sullivan, is also a celebrated musician. Image Source: Caitlin Sullivan Instagram.

Apart from their professional achievements, not much is known about Nicholas and his wife’s life. They have remained quiet about how and where they met. Also, the pair has also not revealed about having any children.

But seeing as both are passionate about music, it might be what brought them together. Let’s hope we will get to learn more about the couple’s life in the coming days.