Jesse Charland Biography – Hoobastank Bassist

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Jesse Charland's bio

Jesse Charland currently plays for Hoobastank. Image Source: Hoobastank Instagram.

After consistent hard work and practice for many years, Jesse Charland has established himself as a professional musician. He is the current bassist for the successful American rock band Hoobastank.

In addition, he is also a teacher and music instructor at Lvsportsocial. After working for over a decade in the rock band Hoobastank, Charland has been able to make a name for himself. As many music devotees are curious about his personal life and professional career, we have covered you with all the essential information.

Comes From A Musical Family Background

The multi-instrumentalist for Hoobastank has kept his birth details private. His entire family has been involved in music, so, it is no wonder from where he got all his skills and passion for music. Charland’s mom was a professional cellist. She also played on Hoobastank’s acoustic album, Is This the Day?

Similarly, Jesse’s father was a blues guitarist. Also, his grandfather was a violist and played in the local symphony. He studied with them and honed his music skills over time.

Furthermore, the bassist started playing cello when he was in third grade. Later, Jesse switched to bass when he was in high school and college. Until he moved to Los Angeles, Charland only used to play electric bass for fun but later started doing it professionally.

Similarly, the prolific musician completed his high school diploma from East Lyme High School in 2000. Later, he attended the New England Conservatory of Music and got a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance in 2004.

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Jesse Charland Career And Net Worth

Jesse is one of the most talented and dedicated bassists and musicians. He has a considerable career in the music industry. However, Charland became more well-known after becoming associated with the band Hoobastank. In the late 1990s, his band commanded the California music scene. Given his excellent career, Jesse Charland’s net worth must be substantial.

Talking about songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for Grammy-nominated Hoobastank’s career, he joined the band in 2009 and began performing with members Doug Robb, Dan Estrin, and Chris Hesse. Charland has been playing bass for the band for almost 13 years now.

Some of the band’s notable songs during his tenure include Same Direction, I Don’t Think I Love You, No Win Situation, Fornever, Fight or Flight, Push Pull, Live from the Wiltern, We Are One, and Never Be Here Again to mention a few.


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Furthermore, Charland is also a member of the southern Californian band Giants Of Rome. The musician has also played bass for the band Something Bot Metro in addition to many other bands in the LA area. The Las Vegas and Los Angeles-based musician specializes in bass playing, guitar, programming, and synth elements.

Apart from involving himself in the music industry, Charland is also associated in the teaching field as a teacher and also works as a music instructor. He works at Sport Social, a facility that teaches social skills to kids with autism. Not just that, Jesse is also soon to be a mental health counselor.

Additionally, the average annual salary for a bassist in the United States is $46,447. Charland must have made a sizable income as a result. Also, his band frequently organizes tours and events from which he can amass a considerable fortune. After spending almost 13 years in the band, Jesse Charland’s net worth must have improved.

Is A Man Of Secrecy

Regarding relationships and marriage, the Hoobastank bassist has maintained complete secrecy from the eye of the public. So, the information regarding Jesse Charland’s partner has not been revealed yet.

Moreover, not only does the bassist refrain from talking about his personal life in public, but he also hardly uses social media. Also, he is often seen posting about his band and work on his Twitter. Given his intense passion for music, is it possible that he is now entirely focused on his field of work?

Jesse Charland's Career
Jesse Charland alongside other Hoobastank members. Image Source: Hoobastank’s Instagram.

However, Jesse must be content with his choice to shield his private life from the media. His parents must be proud of his achievement in the music industry. Also, Charland hasn’t been as forthright about revealing his information regarding his personal life.

In conclusion, we wish Jesse a happy life filled with loved ones and friends. Furthermore, we hope Charland has a successful future in his work.

Trivia And Facts

  • He doesn’t have an Instagram account.
  • While Hoobastank’s concert in India, the band members lost power halfway through and the generator shut off.